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Gochang Castle
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Gochang Castle is a natural-stone castle erected by the people of Jeolla-do to prevent invasions in the 1st year of the reign of Joseon King Danjong (1453).Called Moyang Castle, this castle is connected to Naju’s Ibbam Fortress to protect the inland of Honam.

There are different theories about its year of establishment.  According to the texts on Sangryangmun Gate and various other texts and stones found when Gochang Castle’s government building was under a repair, 19 districts and towns of Jeolla-do took charge of building their parts of the castle from the 32nd year of the reign of King Sejong (1450) to the 1st year of the reign of King Danjong (1453).  A text on the wall to the east indicates that Gochang Castle was completed in 1453 and Mujang-myeon participated in the construction process.

A legend has that visiting the castle with a rock on the head guarantees healthy longevity and a pass to heaven.  This belief brings many visitors to the castle every year.  Visiting the castle in a leap month is most effective because the door to heaven is known to open in a leap month and a leap March is the best of the best.  Also, the visits to the castle reach the peak on the 6th, 16th, and 26th of a leap month.
People say that going around the castle once will cure your legs, two times will guarantee healthy longevity, and three times will give you a pass to heaven.  When going around the castle, you must place a palm-sized rock on your head and pile the rock at a certain location.

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