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Nearby Attractions (Jukju Fortress)
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Jukju Fortress is located on Mt. Bibong in Maesan-ri.  Jukju Fortress’ inner walls were built during the Shilla Empire and outer walls during the Goryeo Dynasty.  It is not known when the main walls were erected (1.7km).  The outer wall is 1.5㎞ and inner wall is 270m.  Its three layers of stone walls are still well-preserved.  Jukju Fortress was a great battle ground during the Japanese Invasion of 1594.  
Jukju Fortress was conquered by the invaders at one point, but General Hwang, Jin managed to win it back and stopped the invaders from proceeding to Yongin and Icheon.  From the mountaintop where the battery stands, Anseongbeol, Icheon, and Janghowon can be observed at a glance.  Many battles were fought here as it has been the center of transportation connecting Chungcheong-do, Jeolla-do, and Gyeongsang-do to Seoul, as well as a military strategic base.
Next to the inner wall, which is Gyeonggi-do Monument No. 69, we find the shrine and ritual house of General Song, Mun Ju who defeated the Mongolian troops.  There is a rest area nearby the ritual house. It is better to take a walk along the walls than to visit a certain place after another.  Luxurious pine trees and needle-leafed trees make the hiking highly enjoyable.
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Nearby Attractions (Jukju Fortress)
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