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General Gwonyul’s Grave
Cultural Assets/Temple>>

- Title : Gyeonggido Province Memorial No. 2
- Category : Grave
- Designation Date: 1972.05.04
- Location : 168-1 Seokhyeonri, Jangheungmyeon
- Period: Joseon
Grave of General Gwonyul(1537-1599), who served as the provincial governor of Jeollado and the mayor of Euiju.


Extra Information

The grave of General Gwonyul(1537~1599). His family town is Andong, name Unshin, pen name Manchwidang and Moak, and poetry pseudonym Chungjang. He passed his military officer’s exam in 1582, and became the provincial governor of Jeollado in 1587, followed by offices of Yejo, Hojo and Gyeongseong. In 1591, he became the mayor of Euiju. During the Imjin War, he commanded ten thousand soldiers to prevent the enemy’s advance to the west. In 1593, in order to recover Seoul, he moved to Hangjusanseong Fortress to defeat the Japanese army through cooperation of the military, the civil service and the public. This was one of the three greatest battles of the war (Jinju Battle, Hansando Battle, Hangju Battle) When he died in 1599, he was conferred the posthumous honour of prime minister, and became Yeonggabuwongun. His grave now accommodates the General’s grave as well as the graves of his two wives on each side of his grave. Tombstone, stone table, incensory table and a pair of stone posts can be found around his grave. The memorial to his works was erected in 1861 by his descendents, replacing the original one which had been eroded.


Public Transport – Bus : 36th Bus runs from Bulgwangdong to Euijeongbu, via Ilyung, Jangheun and Songchu; it runs from 6:00~ 22:00 at 20 minute interval. Pass Jangheung Tourist Development by walk.  

From Seoul Station 10:15 via Shinchon station(10:24) – Once on public holidays.

Car - A: twenty minutes using 349 road from Seoul(Gupabal)

B: Take 39th Road from Wondang. P-turn straight after the highway at the entrance to Janheung tourist development. The site locates just after the development. Approx. 25 minutes.

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