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Lee, Ji-Ham’s Grave
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Lee, Ji-Ham is a scholar in the middle of Cho-seon dynasty, his family house is Hansan and his pen name is To-Jeong. He was born at Jangsan-ri, Cheongla-myeon, Boryeong city and studied with his oldest brother after his father died when he was young, and later studied with Hwadam Seo, Gyeong-Deok. He was good at astronomy, geography and medicine, and is known as the author of 'Tojeongbigyel'. He rejected the government office job for all his life, however, in 1573, he was recommended and became a Pocheon officer. He suggested economical solutions of solving poverty problem of nations to the king, also he forecasted flood of the Limjin river and saved many lives. After he became an Asan officer, he built Geolyincheong to help poor people and died in 1578. So he was known as the first person who studied Korean realism. His body was moved to Hwa-am auditorium in 1686 and recommended to become a Yijopanseo in 1713, and received a pen name of Mun, Gang-Gong in 1761. His grave, his brothers and 14th descents's grave are located in Goman, and because of many stories of his, people think this is a propitious place to be buried.

This is located in Gojeong-ri, Jugyo-myeon, Boryeong city, 20km far away from the village and takes 35 minutes.


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