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Kumsan Temple
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Kumsan Temple which is located at the entrance of Moak mountain provincial park was built in the first year of Bupking in Baekje (599) and repaired by a monk named Jinpyo in 776 and was shaped like a Daegaram. There are national cultural asset No. 62 Mirukjeon, other 10 cultural assets and many subsidiary buildings, so this is known as the best temple in Honam.  

Wooden Mirukjeon is the three floored Buddhist building which is unique in Korea but the interior is a wide open space. Many visitors come here to see the beautiful cherry blossom trees which are from the entrance of the mountain to Kumsan temple. And many Buddhists come here even in the winter to see the Miruk and bow or walk a circle around the tower. Mirukjeon Miruk guardian statue is the world's best standing type of statue. It stands 11.82m tall and the left and right side of statue is 8.8m. This temple was founded in 1999, and at the 1400 years memorial museum which was built to celebrate the 1400 years opens various cultural events.  



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