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Walk up about five minutes from Deunggu Stone Sign of Mt. Yudal that is about five minutes from Mokpo Station and you can see Nojeokbong, a huge rocky summit of Mt. Yudal located to the left of Deunggu, the entrance to Mt. Yudal.  Nojeokbong, which is located in 1-120 Daeui-dong 2-ga, Mokpo, is a 60m rocky mountain that is a historical site of General Yi's military tactics during the Japanese Invasion of 1592.  It especially became more popular as it was introduced in an elementary school textbook.  During the Japanese Invasion of 1592, General Yi covered a rock with straw thatch and made it resemble piles or rice to discourage the Japanese soldiers in order to defeat the enemies with his outnumbered soldiers.  Since then, this summit has been known as Nojeongbong.  General Yi also disposed of powdered limestone in Yeongsan River to make it a field of rice and used Ganggangsulrae, a traditional game of Jindo, and a metal strip of Uldolmok for his brilliant military tactics.
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