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Igeumjae Houses
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       [Igeumjae Houses]

In a valley facing Mt. Obong, along the oceanside there are many houses, and in the middle of the village there is a pond. Entering the alley of a trifoliate orange tree fence east of the pond, there are gated sleeping quarters facing east and storage with no door facing south. Entering the gate, there is a yard and north of the yard there is main living room facing south, and west of the yard there is a small storage, and south of the yard there is a big storage.

It is guessed that the main living room was built around 1900. 광채 in the opposite side is more recent, and everything else was built in the early 20th century.

There are wings in the back of main living room in the shape of a horseshoe. From the west there is a kitchen, the main bedroom, 2 main floored rooms, and at the end there is the small bedroom. In the front, a porch was made, however, in front of kitchen a small storage was built, and to the southeast a study room was made. Between the main floored room and a wooden floor there is a door, and in between the upper and lower rooms of the small bedroom there is also a door.

It is likely that the small bedroom was used as a study room for a scholar or a guest room. This is common use of space in the southern part of Korea.

Storage is a house which was built in the lower part of the land with 'ㅡ' shape on the opposite side of main living room, and it was intentionally built low so it would not interfere with the great view from main living room. West of it is a small storage, and the rest is a wooden floor. Gated sleeping quarters was built with barn in the north, and gated sleeping quarters south of the door in the middle.

It is the most beautiful in Ganggol village and located in the middle of the village.   

It is structured with two high pillars and five units.  It is built on square beams that are supported by purlin-supporters and has crossbeams beneath each beam.  The columns are also square on square foundation stones.  The stylobates have two-leveled natural stones.  The roof has gables on both sides and a gable wall on the rear wing.  


The storage building across is a five-unit single-row building.  This building is constructed low on a lower land to not interfere with the good views from the main living room.



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