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Introduction of historical sites
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Historical site of Prince Yangnyeong

Gunryang-ri, where Prince Yangnyeong, the oldest brother of Sejong the Great, stayed for 16 years, has his traces everywhere.

You can peep into part of life of the prince from the arbor (Muwujeong) where the prince took a rest to the housing lot of the Ma family, Yegyebawi Rock, an arbor lot, stepping stones (Gunryang), Yangsaemjae, and Gundl Farm Road while enjoy a bicycle riding.

* Prince Yangnyeong: He was a member of the royal family of Sejong the Great who created Hangeul, language of Korea, during 1394 through 1462.

Monument of a virtuous woman

As a fidelity monument for a wife who devoted life to her husband, the monument was built in 1980.

  3.1 Manse Tower (A tower built in memory of the 3.1 Movement)

In memory of the 3.1 Movement broken out on March 1, 1919 as a movement against the Japanese colonial government, this tower was built in the 80th anniversary of the movement.

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