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Designated as : Treasure No 1262
Name : Yeongsanguibultaeng (龍鳳寺靈山會掛佛幀)
Made in : Choseon Sukjong period
Address : San 81-3, Yongbongsa, Shingyeong-ri, Hongbuk-myeon, Hongseong-gun, Chungnam

Yeongsanguibultaeng is the picture that Buddha makes a lecture at Yongchuk mountain. Guibul means a big Buddhism picture to hang in the front yard of the temple to perform a big Buddhist ceremony or ritual ceremony.

Buddha is in the center and fills the whole screen, 8 Buddhist saints and 10 followers are surrounding him. Buddha is sitting down in the center with his right hand on his knee and his left hand on his belly button. On both sides, 8 thin faced saints are standing with lotus flowers, and guardians Sacheonwang, Jaeseokcheon and Bumcheon are surrounding Buddha with the saints. There are 10 followers in the top of the picture, and some saints have the same hair style with Buddha. The picture was painted with mainly red and green, and the artist also used light green and purple, so the picture looks very calm and warm.  

This picture was drawn to pray for the repose of Sukjong son’ soul after he die. Monk Jingan drew this in Chojeon Sukjong 16 year (1690), but it is changed in Yongjo 1 year (1725) and the word was written on the bottom of the picture.

This picture is very important that we can see the artificial characteristic of 17 ~ 18th centuries such as the size of the Buddha got smaller.


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