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Yongbong Temple
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Designated as : Traditional Temple No. 67
Location : At the middle of Yongbong mountain
History :  - Designated as a traditional temple in 1988 (No.67)
History :  - It was built in Baekjae dynasty, but the exact year was not noted.
History :  - The Daewungjeon and Yosachae and 4 Kumdongmokjilbul are sealed there.
History :  - There is the Treasure No. 1262 Yeongsanguibulting
Address : San 80-3, Shingyeong-ri, Hongbuk-myeon


The Present location of Yongbong temple was moved to the east side from the original location, because the Pyeongyang Jo family closed and moved the temple in order to use the land for their grave yard. As we can see their inscription on a tombstone, Yongbong temple was built in the 10th year of Gwangmu (1906).
There are Daewungjeon, Jijangjeon, Shanjingak, Jeokmukdang and Yiljumun buildings in Yongbong temple. Daewungjeon has the gambrel roof which has front 3 and side 3 tiles, it has 5 Buddha pictures including Hubul picture and Amitajonbul which is made in 1689. As the big temple, there are many cultural assets such as Treasure No. 355 Maaeseokbul, Treasure No. 1562 Yeongsanguibultaeng, Tangible Cultural Asset No. 118 Yongbongsamaaebul, Cultural Asset No. 162 Yongbongsajiseokjo (Maae, Seokgu, Seokjo) and Cultural Asset No. 168 Yongbongsabudo.

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