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Baekdam Temple
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 Baekdam Temple

Baekdam Temple that lives with history of Korea!!

You can see Baekdam Temple crossed the bridge over the valley, if you climb splendid Baekdam valley about 7 km from the front of Kangwondo Inchekoon Yongdaeri.

Baekdam Temple is the first gate of Naeseolak. It was Hangye Temple which was constructed by Jajang in first year(647) of Shinra Jindeok Queen.

It moved the place in Shinmoon King due to several losses on account of fire or etc, its name was changed several time Shim Temple, Yengchui Temple, Baekdam Temple, Shimwon Temple and it was back to Baekdam Temple on 7 year of Jeongjo in 1783.

After imprisonment of Manhae Han Yong-Woon for 3.1 movement, he became Buddist priest. And Baekdam Temple is the place people can feel Han Yong-Woon's sprit and ex-present Cheon Doo Hwan stayed. It is the Temple which lives with history of Korean
The name, Baekdam Temple is originated like the below.

After repeated fire, name of temple was about to changed. Oneday head priest dreamt and one old man with silver hear asked to him to count pools from Daecheong peak to templa and it was 100.So he put "DAM-means pools in Chinese" to the name and there has been no fire after that.

Baekdam Temple is with history of Korean and also you enjoy beauty of Naeseolak.

- Information
National Park Seolak Mt. managing Office Baekdam Branch : 82-33-462-2554
Information for village bus : Yongdae Hyangto Company 82-33-462-3009
Information for Baekdam Temple Manhae Museum: 82-33-462-6969

- Open Time
Incase of using shuttle buses
- 08:00(first bus to go in) - 16:00(last bus to go out)
- Total distance : buses run for only 4km among total 7km, and the rest of 3km is for walking.
- 2 hours taken for round trip Incase of round trip on foot
- You can pass in and out independent of shuttle bus service.
- 3 hours 30 mins taken for round trip.

- The way of coming
Own Driver : Seoul → Yangpyeng → Hongcheon → Inche(164km, 2hours30mins taken)
Cross-country Bus : Seoul(Sangbong and East Seoul) → Inche Bus Station(3hours30mins taken)
City Bus : Inche → Wontong → Toward Yongdaerii(Buses run every 30mins)

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