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Farm Music of Mud Wall
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 Farm Music of Mud Wall
- Origin
Farm music is made up of percussion instruments played by farmers. It is the origin of Korean music shareint the life, emotion and  common feeling of people. It is a folk music with a long history. This village's farm music was handed down from generation to generation and like other folk art developed a peculiar expression and pattern indicative of the town. Sublimation , developing artistic sense and talent beyond life, feeling joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure in performing labor, farm music was the most popular and representative folk music and was used widely all sorts of events as well as every festive day. 
his village's farm music have been handed down as various folk play as Sanje, Giu je, Danggut as well as agricultural work or Jisinbapgigut, Isik, Jisimmaegi and so on. So various style of farm music is divided into Nojaknongak, Geolgungnongak, Geolrip, Yeonhui by purpose of play this village's farm music is Nojak and Yeonhui. 

- Characteristics
In this village farm music play centering about agriculture by developing agricultural society was prevailed, Nojaknongak was to raise operation efficiency and lesson fatigue of work including Monaegigut, Duregut Otherwise Yeonhuinongak was to seek relationship of village people and unity. 

- Composition and play 
Toseong farm music is consisted of Nojak and Yeonhui, still be preserved and handed down. It has nine sections. 
The first section : Greetings 
  Each other greets according to Sangsoe's tune standing in a line. 
The second section:  Dunggeulmari 4Chae Garak 
  It is played 4Chae Garak accompaniment circling at spiral. 
The third section: Dunggeul Chejo 3Chae 
  Make a circle, repeat making narrow and widen, play merrily rhythm accompaniment. 
The fourth section: Bokguchigi 3Chae, 2Chea
  Circle continuously hitting up and down Bokgu , turn the Dolmu . 
The fifth section :  Jong chae Chejo 3 Chae
  Each fulfil each one's function standing in a row. 
The sixth section: Baejjagi and agriculture 7Chae, 3Chae
  In a row make circle separating two direction Sangsoe's joy and anger
  rhythm accompaniment and again come back origin position play. 
The seventh section : Balsangmo 2Chae, 3Chae
  In the state of making circle, slip between the people after Sangsoe. 
The eighth section : Yangsangmo 7Chae, 3Chae
  Slow rhythm is connected. 
The ninth section : Closing greeting 4Chae, 3Chae
  Make circle, bowing together. 

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