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700 hundred Chong :Memorial No.105
Cultural Assets/Temple>>
 700 hundred Chong :Memorial No.105
- Location: Choongnam Keumsan Myen oichong Ri 166-1

During Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, JoongbongJoheon and YoungkyuDaesa who was a Buddhist priest and 700 hundred civilian soldiers assaulted in August first 1592 an enemy who occupied Keumsan. This is grave for ancestors who were dying for Korye. It is sacred place.  Joheon and Toungkyudaesa and loyal troops fought with Japanese army that was managed by Gobayagadawadagagage in August 18 1592 after recovering CheongJoo castle. they didn't get helps from official army , they fought with best effort but they were defeated. 4 days later , Park Jeong ryang and Jeon Seong Eup , students from Joheon made grave for 700 hundred loyal troops .that is named 700 hundred Chong.

Later in Joseon dynasty, in 1603 Tombstone for Joongbongjoheon was constructed and in 1634 Soonoi altar was made and started a religious service. In 1647 , Confucian scholars in Honam and Hoseo made enshrine  and ancestral tablet for 700 loyal troops.

But tombstone and Chong was destroyed by Japanese police officer under the rule of Japanese imperialism. Land and propities were disposed and the place became in ruin.
After liberation citizens made donations and mended and rebuilded Chong, Jongyong temple and Ilkoonsoo tombstone. And then they were designated memorial No. 105. and Jongyong temple was reconstructed in October 1963.

- It was appointed sacred precinct in 1976 and Culture and Tourism do religious services every year.
- There are 700 hundred chong, Joyong temple, monument house memorial house and tower of soon as remains.

- Worship men
Joongbong Jo Heon, YoungKyudaesa, Go Kyeong Myeng and 700 hundred troops.main

- main Cultural assets
Cultural assets : Bomool No1007, Jocheon's diary, Joseon MoonGoaKebJeGyoJi, Chijemoon, Joheonoibyengjang jesoogyocher, Joheonjongchookmoonmyogyoseo.

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700 hundred Chong :Memorial No.105
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