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Happy Island Village_Gwanmae 8 gyung
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* Gwandom

If you sail to the north-east of Seonamhae from Paengmok harbor, you can find Gwanmaedo - the island among Jodo-6-gundo(6 Jodo islands which are designated as Dadohae marine national parks) with the most representative views. In Gwanmaedo, there are Sangroksoo forest which is designated as Natural Heritage no.211 and a silver magnolia which is designated as Natural Heritage no.212. Also the island is famous for its fishing spot where the special products are natural seaweeds, anchovy, blue crab, Ooruk(Mya arenaria oonogai), sea bass and sea bream.

1. The first famous spot Gwanmaedo beach

Gwanmae beach has 2.2km long white sand shore and pure water. The depth of the water is shallow which is just right for family's day out. There is a 300 year old pine tree forest - the largest in Korea - near the beach and the beautiful sandy beach makes Gwanmae beach the heaven blessed place.

2. The second famous spot Bang-a-sum(Namgeunbawi)

It is an island locate at the northeast of Gwanmaedo and it has the legend that the Sunnyu(fairies) came down from the sky and pounded the mill(Bang-a). There is a rock at the top of the island which has the shape of the male genital and it is said that the sterile females can become pregnant if they praised sincerely in front of the rock.

3. The third famous spot Dolmyo and Ggongdol

Over the hill at the back of Gwanho village of Gwanmae-2-gu, there are Dolmyo with 4~5cm diameter and Ggongdol. The legend of Ggongdol goes as follows : the two princes of Heaven were playing with Ggongdol which the King of Heaven treasured and accidently dropped it to the earth. The King ordered his servant to trieve Ggondol. He came down to retrieve Ggondol but was interrupted and charmed by the sound of komungo and forgot to bring Ggongdol back to heaven. The King became furious with him and made the stone tomb at the site of his presence.

4. The fourth famous spot Halmijoong Dreng-i-gul(cave)

There is Halmijoong Dreng-i-gul at the beach located at the north-east of the mountain where it is said that Halmidoggebi(old female ogre) appears when it rains.

When entering the cave, the fire somehow dies out and strange noise can be heard in the cave. No one has went to the end of the cave and so it is a mysterious place with its length unknown.

5. The fifth famous spot Haneuldari(bridge)

It connects the middle point of the rocky mountain, which has been cut and spread into two. Chilling wind can be felt from the split when putting your face there and the surrounding cliffs is wondrous.

This place is said to the place where Sunnyu who were pounding the mill at Bang-a-sum came to take off their wings and rest.

6. The sixth famous spot Seodeulbagul waterfall

It is said thatSunnyu from Bang-a-sum came to this waterfall to clean themselves and cooked rice. Thus, every July, the villagers gather here and cook rice and believe that skin diseases can be healed if they stand under the waterfall.

The water falls into the sea water and on to the gravelly field in times of ebb tide.

7. The seventh famous spot Dariyeo

If you pass the Seodeulbagul, there is Dariyeo with Goorung-i bawi. This place can be visit 4~5 times a month only when the sea water is removed. Marine products such as natural sea weed, sea weed fusiforme, laver grown on the underwater rock and agar was plentiful in this place.

8. The eighth famous spot Haneuldam(Byurakbawi)

Every year in Gwanmaedo, a young man was selected as the chief mourner and Dangjae (spiritual ceremony) was held. He was not allow to meet a virgin 1 year prior and after the ceremony. However, the man met his dating virgin and the sky suddenly became dark and the island was hit by the thunderbolt. The whole part of the island became a cliff and from that moment, the place was called Haneuldam or Byurakbawi. It is also said that the man and the virgin died and became Goorungbawi.



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