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Deoksil_Byukhwasansung/Yongguksa/Dukwonseowon/Bochunsaji 3 Story Tower
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There are mountain castles on each of the 2 peaks of Byukhwa-san and these castles are called Byukhwasansung, which are designatd as Gyeongsangnamdo's 64th commemoration. Byukhwasansung has 904 meter long walls. It was built by General Kwak Jae-Woo and was repaired by Hyungam Song Gi-No in 13th year of Gojong reign (1876). Also, there are 3 old tombs at the east of the castle which their tomb cover and part of their walls are exposed due to grave robbery.




Yongguksa is a temple situated at the foot of Byukhwa-san with 333 Gwanseumbosal(Buddhist Goddess of Mercy) are lined up at the entrance of the temple to lead the visitors. Also, the largest Mireuksamjon statue with the height of 43 meters is being built above Daewoongjun, the biggest temple in the world, and the elevator is being installed inside the statue. Bochunsaji 3 story tower(national treasure no. 373) and Bochunsaji budo(national treasure no. 472) are situated at the entrance of Yongguksa. Also, there is charnel house which can hold 3,500 people.




Duwonseowon was established to memorize Twega Ihwang. His first visit to Uiryung was his visit to his wife's house while he was moving from Chogok-dong Yeongchun-gun Gyeongbuk (Munjeong-dong Yeongju-si) to Garaechon, this birth place.



Bochunsaji 3 Story Tower

It was built between the end of Shilla and the beginning of Goryu. It is designated as the national treasure no. 373 and holds the typical tower design of Shilla. The tower holds the beauty of stability and harmony. It is known to be a precious cultural asset of Uiryung together with Yongguksa.

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