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Jinchung Temple
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Location: Daeyo-ri, Jigok-myeon, Seosan

Certification: 206th Cultural Resource

Certification Date: 1984. 5. 17

Period: Chosun Dynasty

It is a shrine enshrining the portrait and remains of General Chung-Sin Jeong (1576~1636) of early Chosun Dynasty.  General Jeong fought against Japanese invaders alongside of General Yul Gwon at the age of 17 for the Japanese Invation of 1592.  In 1624 (2nd year of the reign of Chosun King Injo), he suppressed the Rebellion of Gwal Lee and he also fought for the Chinese Invasion of 1627 as a national commander.  Later, he served as a police chief and a provincial commander of the Army Corp.  This temple was first established by King Injo in hes 14th year of the reign (1636) and later reconstructed in 13th year of the reign of Yeongjo (1737).  In 24th year of the reign of Jeongjo (1800), Se-Hwan Jeong, his 5th generation descendent and the governor of Gokseong of the time and Jae-Chil Jeong, his 9th generation descendent, moved it to Sinsi-ri, Jeongmi-myeon and to beside the residence of Jong-Yeol Jeong, his 13th generaion decendent, respectively.  Finally, it was moved to present location in 1970’s.  The temple preserves 5 pieces of his personal belongings that were appointed 36th Significant Folk Resources and many other remains.  Every Apr 25, Confucian scholars and his descendents gather to perform rituals for him.

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