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The site of temple built between the periods of Unified Shilla- Gorye dynasty and located in Sanggyori, Buknae Myun, Yeju Gun, Gyunggi Do.

▪ Name : Yeoju Godalsaji

▪ Established year : 764, Shilla( The 23rd year of king Gyeongdeok )     

▪ Size : 58995㎡

▪ Location : Boundary of 4-11, Sanggyori, Buknae Myun, Yeju Gun, Gyunggi Do,


After this temple was built in the 23rd year of king Gyeongdeok( 764), it had become a big temple by the support of many kings after king Gwangjong in Gorye dynasty. A story has been delivered that all cultural assets remaining were created by a stonecutter, Godal. And he had contributed everything for his job even not knowing his family’s starvation to reach death, then he became a monk by himself after completing all cultural assets and finally realized the core of Buddhism. That’s the reason why this temple was called as Godalsa.

In the temple, There are excellent cultural assets remaining besides Godalsajibudo( No 4 Natural treasure). The Guibo and Isu( No 6 Treasure) of Hyejintabbi of Wonjong Daesa is the tower describing his life, and shows the method of Budo and sculpture with beautiful and luxurious sculpture in Gorye dynasty. Besides that, there are Godalsajiseokbuljwa (No 8 Treasure) and Ssangsaja stone light ( No 282 Treasure) that was moved to National Center Museum.    


Through the survey performed recently, the size of temple is possibly assumed by the site of buildings and the site of Geumdang.


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