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The tomb of King Sejong and his Princess Soheon, It was moved from the original location in Gangju, Gyunggi Do to Neungseo Myun, Yeju Gun, Gyunggi Do in the first year of king Yejong ( 1469)..

▪ Designated : No 195 Historical relics

▪ Designated year : May 26, 1970.

▪ Management : Relic management office of great king Sejong

▪ Location : San 83-1,Wangdae ri, Neungseo Myun, Yeju Gun, Gyunggi Do1

▪ Period : Chosun dynasty

▪ Size : 2,008,536㎡


It was designated as No 195 Historical relics on May 26, 1970 and is being managed by the relic management office of great king Sejong.  It was designated as same Historical relics together with Yeongreung, the tomb of king Hyojong, located in the same boundary of grave.

The tomb was built with two sections, the left was for Princess  and the right was for King Sejong, in Seogang, Gwangju, when the princess died in 1446 ( the  28th year of king Sejong)

After that, this grave was moved to the present location after burying the stone figures under the ground before the tomb because of the opinions that the original site was not proper for grave site. The type of tome was burying king and princess together. Hyuensil was made of stones and two tombstones were set up to indicate that 2 persons were buried together. The design of Byungpungseok is simple and the number of Seoksanggoseok was reduced from five to four, and the lower steps attached in the east and west were removed.

Meanwhile, The original tomb figures were unearthed in 1973 and moved to The Memorial monument hall for king Sejong located to the north from Youngwhiwon, Cheongryangri, Seoul.      


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