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Chamdarae_Old house of Choi family in Hakrim ri
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  Old house of Choi family in Hakrim ri  


  Location : 1011, Hakrim ri, Hail Myun, Goseong gun, Gyeongnam

  Designated No : No178  Cultural Asset Data  

  Period : Chosun Dynasty


The old house of Choi family in Hakrim Ri ( No 178 Cultural Asset) was a typical old house, found in Southern province, for the residence of rich farmer  and was built in the 6th  year of king Gojong( 1869) , and is consisted of  5 buildings arranged in the south and the north. The plane of each building is “ –“ type and is consisted of main building , detached building, Ikrang Chae, Daemungan Chae and other. Main building and detached building are arranged parallel back and forth. There is a wall between detached building and main building to prevent inner ground from being exposed directly  to strangers. The  5  front sections of main building  are covered with hipped roof, and the  4 front sections of Ikrang Chae and 5 front section of Gotgan Chae  are covered  with Octagon Roof, and 7 front sections of detached building are covered with Octagon Roof and it’s 4 eaves are supported by arched support. The 5 front section of Daemumgan Chae is a lofty gate (High rise main gate) of gambrel type(Matbae Roof)  and fence  is built by filing up natural stone that is found in this area to show up unique endemism of alley. Specially, Hakdong village including the old house of Choi family is famous for it’s stone alley to give a misty sentiment on hometown to visitors when they are walking following the yellowish stone wall.


  Yukyoung Jae


   Location : 1352, Hakrim Ri, Hail Myun, Goseong Gun, Gyeongsangnam Do.

  Designated No : No 208 National Cultural Asset

  Period : Chosun Dynasty


YukyoungJae ( No 208 Nation’s cultural asset)  was built in the 3rd year of king  Kyungjo ( 1723) in Chosun dynasty in the valley of Hakrim Ri , Hail Myun for the purpose of teaching literature and raising gifted youths  coming from Choi families from the family origin, Jeonju, living in Hakdong . It was a small cottage at the first time, but was rebuilt on the present location in the 11th year ( Gisanyeon) of king Heonjong ( 1845) ,when the number of students were growing   


  Soeulbipo Castle


  Location : San 398-3, Dongwha Ri, Hail Myun, Goseong Gun, Gyeongnam.

  Designated No : No 139  Monument of Gyeongnam

  Period : Chosun Dynasty :


Soeulbipo castle is a stone castle, shaped oval, built on the top of hill which was used for the inner side of castle, following the top slope ( 80% from the bottom) of ridge extruded from the beach.  There was Soeulpo military camp in this area and the start and the completion and mending of this castle were done between the period of king Seongjong and king Seonjo of Chosun dynasty..   .  

At present, foundation stones stretching to 200m are remaining above the earth and the trace of original castle with 3.3m in height, 5m in length is remaining as its original shape. Big stones were piled up like fence and small stones were inserted into the chasm of big stones to prevent it from swaggering. Some stones were not the kind of stones found around this area, so they looked to be delivered  from other places      

It was built by the traditional technique in the early period of Chosun dynasty and surrounded by natural ditch due to the sea around here.  Though the view of this castle is not so good due to Saryang island in Tongyoung si to the South, but it is being utilized as a shelter of fishery ships until now because hurricanes have never assaulted this area.    





   Location : 134,Museon ri, Sang Ri Myun, Goseong Gun, Gyeongnam.



  Munsuam, a branch of Ssanggesa that is No 13 section of Korean Buddism Joge Order, is a cell located in MuiMountaininMuseonri, SangriMyun, Goseonggun and was established by a monk, Eusang, in the 5th year of king Seongdeok(706). After establishment, this cell

 became famous by many dignitary priests who had cultivated their mind here and it’s excellent landscape. It was told that many Wharangs had cultivated their mind and body here in the era of Three Nations. Those histories on rebuilding or repairing were not delivered. The present cell was a modern building built newly after collapsing in the hurricane, Saraho,, by the donation of believers in 1973 and has a Stupa to enshrine the relic of dignitary priest, Chung Jun Lee, who had cultivated himself here.


  On the top of Mui Mountain, as visitors can enjoy the wonderful landscape created by so many small and big islands spotted over Hanrye Marine National Park in Namhae, so a lot of visitors and climbers have keep visiting here endlessly.


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