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Restaurants of Paroho Saengtae Village include Rest Place Restaurant, Fishermen's Rest Place Restaurant and Yongho-ri Fishing Place Restaurant and lodging includes Fishermen's Rest Place Restaurant and Daeheung Inn.  Rest Place Restaurant - Offers Native Chicken, Duck, Spicy Freshwater Fish Soup, Thorny Ash Chicken Soup, Duck Soup, Spicy Fish Soup and Raw Freshwater Fish.  The price for chicken or duck dishes is 30,000Won and that of the raw freshwater fish varies each season.  Rest Place Restaurant is known for best Thorny Ash Chicken Soup, Duck Soup and Spicy Fish Soup in Hwacheon.  Yongho Fishing Place Restaurant - Yeong-Ho Park who runs a fishing place and the restaurant specializes in Spicy Chicken.  One dish of Spicy Chicken is 30,000Won and raw freshwater fish are priced variedly each season.  He is well-known for best raw freshwater fish. Paro Lake Brothers' Restaurant Fishing Place- Ho-Seok Lee who runs a fishing place and restaurant and produces farm products.  He offers Chicken Soup, Spicy Chicken, Spicy Chicken Rood, Kimchi, Fermented Soybean and Spicy Chicken Soup.  Three generations of the owner live together to manage the farms, fishing place the restaurant.  Daeheung Inn- It includes total of five rooms including special and general rooms on the 2nd floor and a kitchen and dining for 10 people on the 3rd floor.  The 3rd floor is decorated as a condominium with two rooms, a living room and a kitchen.  As the highest place in Yongho-ri, you can view the surrounding sceneries from here.  You may cook for yourselves on the 3rd floor or try out the restaurants nearby.  

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