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Baked clams and raw fish restaurants

In Oido, there are about eighty baked clams and raw fish restaurants and about sixty other restaurants.

At any baked clam restaurant, you can enjoy different kinds of baked clams.

A baked clam dish has three different sizes, large, medium, and small and some restaurants provide a special size on their menu. In general, a large dish sells for 40,000 Won and a medium dish for 30,000 Won and a special size sells for 50,000 Won. At any raw fish restaurant, you can enjoy fresh naturally-grown raw fish.  

Just as the Japanese style raw fish is popular for the taste and seasoning, the raw fish in Korea is popular for its freshness.

For raw fish restaurants, naturally-grown fish and farm-grown fish is sold separately. The price of naturally-grown fish differs daily and in general, a mya japonica is between 70,000 ~ 80,000 Won and a flatfish sells for between 80,000 ~ 100,000 Won. For farm-grown fishes, both a mya japonica and a flatfish sell for around 40,000 ~ 50,000 Won. Restaurants usually cook a delicious spicy fish soup for their customers using the remaining portion of the fish they purchased. Besides raw fish and baked clam restaurants, there are various restaurants so you need to visit Oido Village if you want to enjoy the “taste of Korea.”


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