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Halbae Experience Quarters

1. Halbae Experience Quarters

Halbae Experience Quarters offer both lodging facilities and various programs where you can experience different things, starting from 2005.  Families are welcome to come and experience these programs.  We try our best to let the children learn how valuable and important our nature is through different kinds of programs.

2. Santtaramulttara

Santtaramulttara offers clean facilities and palatable dishes.  In our house made of yellow earth, you can take care of your health as well as taste our delicious hand-made tofu made with local beans.

3. Full House Homestay

Full House Homestay offers large parking space, grass fields and it is right in front of a river.  If you stand on the roof and look, you can see the jujube trees and Byeorakbawi.  

We also have volleyball fields and community kitchen that will make your stay more fun and comfortable.

4. Gingko Tree Homestay

When you first enter our home, a big gingko tree will welcome and greet you.  Stepping on the fallen leaves in autumn offers a unique experience.  A brook runs in the back of the house and you can feel the nostalgia of your hometown.

5. Honggol Homestay

Come and enjoy our well-being house made with yellow earth where you are greeted by warmhearted host.

At Honggol Homestay, we offer many dishes such as jujube tofu, Korean traditional jelly, soy bean bibimbap, pan-fried green onions, chicken soup, duck bulgogi, and etc.  Come and enjoy our well-being food.

6. Jujube Homestay

If you need a quiet and secluded place to rest, come and rest at our house.


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