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Food Sightseeing [ Lodging/Restaurant ]
[HanneulChae Lodging ]
It is HanneulChai Lodging located on the hill of Saburanggol the hidden valley of Wind Vil Euiyajee.
[Euiyajee Pension]
Euiyajee Pension located in Wind Vil is the clean and beautiful pension newly built of wood.
Pension village along the Baenaegol valley and the loding within the village is operated during the year.
[Chileup Sanjang]
▪ Name of condo : Chileupsanjang ▪ Address : 1223, Whajeon Ri, Youngmun Myun, Yangpyeong Gun Gyunggi ▪ Class : Motel ▪ Tel : 031-774-4491
The resting place with beauty and peace in the nature : Veatriche
[Pension Sol]
A magical resting space in the forest : Pension Sol
[Story of Wild Flower]
Listen to the whisper of wild flower in pension “ Story of Wild Flower”
[Myung-am pension]
You can have camp fire and outdoors barbeque party in a large open garden and the cottage, so it is good for various parties and group uses. There is also yellow sand room, which is good for health....
[Green mountain lodging]
TEL : 043-744-4659 Mobile : 011-406-1002 Address : Chungbuk Young-Dong-Gun Yang-San-Myun Nu-Gyo-Ri 685-12
[Lodging information]
Lodging at the destination after tour or experience is yet another memory. Byulhubu Village has numerous lodging facilities such as inns, pensions, camping, etc so it is possible to lodge in whatever ...
[Views from the Fairytale]
1000top Village is like a town you read about in a fairytale. It is so full of things to see, eat, and enjoy that anyone who comes here leaves with unforgettable memories. The road back to the pensi...
[Guest House]
Guest House by the Sea at Baekmiri This is the best lodging facility to make unforgettable memories at Baekmiri Village. Stay here for a day to enjoy various experiences and learning activities. R...
[Woncheon Pension Complex]
Woncheon-ri Pension is located on a hill that looks down upon Bukhan River and surrounded by a forest.
[Cheonsaengyeonbun Village's Restaurants]
- Rep.: Choi Byeongwha- Category: Korean food- Location : 190 Samsangri Jangheungmyeon, Yangju
About 30 boarding facilities are available in Oido under the name “Hasuk.”
[Baked clams and raw fish restaurants]
In Oido, there are about eighty baked clams and raw fish restaurants and about sixty other restaurants.
Soil is a mineral covering 10% of the earth and per its colors it is separated into yellow soil, black soil, red soil, and white soil.
[Halbae Experience Quarters]
Halbae Experience Quarters offer both lodging facilities and various programs where you can experience different things, starting from 2005.
[Places to stay]
Halbae Experience Quarters offer both lodging facilities and various programs where you can experience different things, starting from 2005. Families are welcome to come and experience these programs...
[Madang Bau Garden]
A home of hot freshwater fish soup and chicken soup Sannaedle has only one restaurant: Madang Bau Garden. Mandang Bau Garden is located by the entrance to Sannaedle Village from Ssangchi-myeon and i...
[Okseom Water Park]
The biggest leisure town is located in Anyang-myeon, Jangheung-gun. Okseom Water Park in Sumun-ri, Anyang-myeon, Jangheung-gun is a first-rate leisure town which has many facilities over approximatel...
[Accommodation and Food]
Public accommodation and minbak guest houses. It is very difficult to find those eyesore motels or holiday houses in Sansuyu Village. Although the recently acclaimed popularity of Sansuyu festival at...
[Private Inns in Village]
Muan Wolseon-ri Artists’ Village is currently managing Seungdalsanbang and Gongjeoknongwon that are registered on Best 50 Namdo Private.
Wanchang Village has three lodging facilities. Because there are not many households, only three households currently engage in lodging business. However, there never are insufficient vacancies. Ea...
[Julok Village Lodging/Restaurants]
Mud snail Dyengjang Jjigae It is a soup made of Dyenjang that was made of Korean soybeans and mud snails. This is a taste of an old farm village
[Introduction of Corea's village restaurant list.]
Introduction of Corea's village restaurant list.
[Introduction and information of lodging]
Ginko Village has six guest houses where you can relax after enjoying various traditional Korean experiences. The guest houses make you feel at home and you may feel the warm hearts and hand of the ...
[Sorisan's Accomodation list]
Sorisan's Accomodation list
The restaurants of Crane Peace Village include Mintongseon Native Chicken, Pyeonggang Native Chicken, Oak Tree Grill and Bontobagi Restaurant. Crane Peace Hall is directly managed by the village. ...
[Duyang Tourists’ Plantation]
As it is covered by Dukcheon River flowing from Jiri Mountains’ Cheonhwang Summit, it has pure and abundant waters with various freshwater fish. Duyang Tourists’ Plantation with pure river has 4 swee...
[Lodging (Mungyeong Tour Hotel, Mungyeong Saejae Youth Hostel)]
If you come to Mungyeong Saejae, you can have a pleasant rest at Mungyeong Tour Hotel, Mungyeong Saejae Youth Hostel or the new lodging facilities in Mungyeong Hot Springs Complex.
[Homestay Homes]
A rest place in the hill by the sea, a soccer field and a basketball court. Good for field trips and workshops.
[Log House Pensions]
Half-way up Gamak Mountains by Paju Wild Grapes Village are picture-perfect Log House Pensions. Not only the condo-type convenience, they are also developing various programs for mountain experiences...
[National Institute of Professional Administration of Korea]
This National Institute founded in Jan, 1999 is Korea’s best professional education and training institute that educates about 40,000 people each year for local administration, educational administrat...
It is near the heavenly tourists' attractions, open seas and beautiful Halla Mountains. Also, the village offers high-class pensions and resorts for people on business trips and touring families.
[Dongsan Pension]
Pensions directly managed by the villagers of Gunwi Palgongsan Apple Village
Yeongjeon Yellow Earth Village of Dangjin manages 11 units of homestay houses including the yellow earth house for the farm experience.
Jinbu Summit is a four-season total vacation resort with various facilities for the visitors. Along with the Alps Resort with 500 rooms, villages provide well-prepared pensions and homestay services....
We have the best recreational spaces and facilities where you and your family can interact with the nature. Also, you can make friends with the villagers. The villagers try best to maintain the best...
[Bungalow Rest Place]
Bungalow facilities located at the entrance of Handeumi Village is composed of six units by the valley flowing from Saebat Valley for convenient water bathing. Also, you can participate in various fa...
Restaurants of Paroho Saengtae Village include Rest Place Restaurant, Fishermen’s Rest Place Restaurant and Yongho-ri Fishing Place Restaurant and lodging includes Fishermen’s Rest Place Restaurant an...
[Seolbong Hotel]
Address: 313-5 Anheungdong Icheon KyounggidoPhone: 82-31-635-5701 Fax : 82-31-633-6304 Room : Total 75
[Accommodation and Restaurant]
(Dongmyeong Small Octopus Shop) Address: 199-11, Suseok-ri, Sacheon- eup, Sacheon City, Gyeongsannam-do Tel: + 92-55-853-4372 Recommended Food : ☞ Fried Small Octopus...
[Convenience Facilities]
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