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Folk Food
At Songcheon Village, you can taste the traditional folk food of the village. These foods include folk chicken, Sanchae Bibimbab, Spicy Freshwater Fish Soup and folk wine.

Folk Chicken

Chicken, with clean taste and low fat content, is easily digested that it is good for elders, pregnant women and recovering patients. Songcheon Village’s folk chicken dishes of naturally grown folk chicken are enjoyed by many people as nutritional food with abundant protein.

Sanchae Bibimbab

Dishes made with pollution free mountain greens not only are tasteful, but also has good fragrances. On properly cooked rice, mountain greens such as genus Saussurea, fernbrake, Osmunda japonica, Chinese bellflower and Codonopsis lanceolata along with shiitake, spinach and bean sprouts are mixed with pepper paste. This is a nature-like and nutritional folk food of Songcheon Village.

Spicy Freshwater Fish Soup

Fish soup is prepared with fish and vegetables in spicy broth of pepper paste or powder. Songcheon Village’s freshwater fish soup uses freshwater fish such as catfish, Coreoperca herzi or trout for the unique taste of freshwater fish.

Folk Wine (Dongdong Wine)

Our village’s Dongdong wine is made with freshly cultivated rice, yeast and clear water to keep the traditional taste. The fragrant taste and traditional color of our Dongdong wine are the best.

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