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Duckling Rice

Duckling rice has been used for a long time in Korea, China, and Japan.  It is one of the most popular environmentally-friendly methods of agriculture that preserves the nature, produces safe foods, protects public health, and increasing farm income.

Ducklings are highly resistant to disease or epidemics compared to other animals and feed on underwater organisms and weeds that grow in swamps, farms, and ponds.  Their discharges work as organic fertilizers that improve quality of soil.  Ducklings are not trained, but their natural habits are used in farming.

As ducklings pick and eat weeds and various harmful insects, no chemical herbicides and pesticides are needed.  Also, their discharges reduce the use of chemical fertilizers by 1/3.
No use of chemicals saves cost of farming and produces safe and completely quality rice for higher income of farm households.  (duckling rice is about 150% pricier than regular rice and ducklings are also sold as healthy food.)

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