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Taste of Daegiri Village

We feel as if something is missing when there is noting to eat.  Visit Daegiri Village, a green highland, to enjoy the native chicken dishes and spicy catfish soup.  The foods are prepared with clean and pollution-free farm produce and local-bred ingredients.  Please visit our village and taste the delicious foods.

Native Chicken

Chewy poultry of Daegiri Village~ Native chicken!!

The true taste of native chicken is prepared with fresh ingredients and warm hearts!

If you wish to enjoy the true taste of native chicken, come to Daegiri Village and have our native chicken dishes.  Daegiri Village’s native chicken dishes are a harmony of nature, hometown tastes, and love.  We strongly encourage you to have these dishes!


Spicy Catfish Soup

The spicy taste of Daegiri Village~  Spicy catfish soup!!

The essence of spicy and refreshing taste with meaty catfish and fresh vegetables!  

It is a preferable dish of any Korean.  The meaty catfish and various fresh vegetables are boiled with Gangwon-do’s native potato and ground pepper.  The spicy catfish soup of Daegiri Village attracts those who have tasted it to come back to taste it again.  

Come and come again~

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Taste of Daegiri Village
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