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Chuotang (Loach soup) - Chuotang cooked with the loaches you caught in the field is delicious because of the side dishes, your childhood memories and nature.

Gegeolmu Gimchi  - In Icheon, "Gegeolmu,” special grade of radish, is produced, and it is small and cone-shaped with a thin root like the one of a Chinese cabbage with fine hairs on it. The taste is very spicy like mustard. For a cooking tip, as Gegeolmu is very firm, you can pickle it with salt and bury it in the ground for the winter time and then use it as a side dish in summer. Its tops are very softer and richer than those of other grade of radish. When it is used for Gimchi, the taste is unique and good even when it gets sour.  

Icheon Cooked Rice: You can eat the cooked rice made with the ones pounded in Jachaebanga Museum.

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