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Gwangcheon Togul Salted Shrimps
 Gwangcheon Togul Salted Shrimps
- Location :
Gwangcheon-eup, Hongseong-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

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Gwangcheon-eup is filled with salted shrimps stores as much as to be named Salted Shrimps Town. There is a conventional market for Gwangcheon Togul Salted Shrimp together with streets lined up with Togul Salted Shrimps stores in the town. Salted shrimps sold here are released after being ripened in caves, and superior to ones produced any other regions in taste and flavor.
It is said that bartering among merchants during the Goryeo Dynasty is the beginning of the now salted shrimps market. At that time there were two markets in Gwangcheon, one of which is a salted shrimps market at Ongampogu. The market was prosperous in the late Joseon Era, while people crowded in the market from about 10 islands at the west coast to trade their shrimps, making salted shrimp markets vitalized all over the nation. Afterward, so worried about the problem that salted shrimps go bad or stale during ripening time, Yun Myeong-won discovered in 1960 that the temperature in a cave is steady and developed how to preserve it in a cave at hillside. He began to sell after salted shrimps became tasty by about 3 months of ripening at a fixed temperature of 14 ℃. The rumor that salted shrimps produced in Gwangcheon is superior to ones from any other regions in taste and flavor began to spread, and Gwangcheon became famous for its Togul Salted Shrimps among people. Now merchants and consumers from all around the country crowd in Gwangcheon at Gimjang season.
The conventional market for Gwangcheon Togul Salted Shrimps is located 3 minutes of walk from Gwangcheon Station, and Togul Salted Shrimps stores are lined up at the roadsides near Togul.

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