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Milguk Octopus Soup

It is loved by rusticated scholars of Chosun Dynasty.  Since the old times, our tidal wetlands have been exposed due to huge tidal differences.  Therefore, we produce great amounts of shellfish and Mollusca seafood such as octopuses.  

It is prepared with 10~15cm-long young octopuses caught in Jun~Jul.  Soft and tasty octopuses are boiled as a whole in gourd kettles for coastal native food of Milguk Octopus Soup.  Many epicures visit here every early June to taste Milguk Octopus Soup.

It is great to enjoy the octopus soup and refresh with a bowl of noodle.  Jigok-myeon is especially well-known for the octopuses, so many people come to taste our octopus soup.  


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