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Ol-gaeng-i soup


Ol-gaeng-i soup has the best taste when cooked with Yellow Soil Ol-gaeng-i caught in deep river with strong current.

Ingredient : Ol-gaeng-i soup (freshwater snail), soy bean paste, young Chinese cabbage, leek, chili pepper, various seasonings, etc.


Put the Ol-gaeng-i caught in the clear water of Geum River into the water in order to remove moss and water sediment.

Mix soy bean paste in water, put in Ol-gaeng-i and boil it enough to bring out the taste of the Ol-gaeng-i.

In the broth put in young Chinese cabbage, leek, etc. and cook with various seasonings.


Yellow Soil Ol-gaeng-i caught in deep river with strong current is tasty.

Ol-gaeng-i live in clear water in groups, and those produced in Young-Dong are 100% natural.  


Ol-gaeng-i dishes  

Ol-gaeng-i soup (1 person) 5,000 won

Seasoned ol-gaeng-i (1 plate) 15,000 won

Steamed ol-gaeng-i 1 plate 5,000 won  


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