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Food Sightseeing [Listing]
[Lamb rib barbecue]
Like a village which has sheep ranch, in here you can enjoy exquisite unfamiliar menus such as lamb barbecue, Lamb rib barbecue, kneaded lamb, lamb soup.
[Yellow Dried Pollack Hangover Soup]
Daegwanryeong is one of the best homes of yellow dried pollack in the country. The restaurants of yellow dried pollack in the vicinity of the village offer the menus of yellow dried pollack hangover s...
[Ggot Bibimbap (boiled rice with assorted mixtures) and Potato cake]
Ggot(Flower) Bibimbap made of edible flowers which we cultivate in person in the village is the well-being dish that would please 3 rhythms your eyes, nose and mouth.
[HanneulChae Lodging ]
It is HanneulChai Lodging located on the hill of Saburanggol the hidden valley of Wind Vil Euiyajee.
[Euiyajee Pension]
Euiyajee Pension located in Wind Vil is the clean and beautiful pension newly built of wood.
Pension village along the Baenaegol valley and the loding within the village is operated during the year.
[Chileup Sanjang]
▪ Name of condo : Chileupsanjang ▪ Address : 1223, Whajeon Ri, Youngmun Myun, Yangpyeong Gun Gyunggi ▪ Class : Motel ▪ Tel : 031-774-4491
The resting place with beauty and peace in the nature : Veatriche
[Pension Sol]
A magical resting space in the forest : Pension Sol
[Story of Wild Flower]
Listen to the whisper of wild flower in pension “ Story of Wild Flower”
[Myung-am pension]
You can have camp fire and outdoors barbeque party in a large open garden and the cottage, so it is good for various parties and group uses. There is also yellow sand room, which is good for health....
[Steamed crucian]
Chopyung reservoir is known as the largest fishing area in the central districts. As an agricultural reservoir that intercepts the up-stream of Mi-Ho Stream, it is almost 29km. Various fish such as cr...
[Green mountain lodging]
TEL : 043-744-4659 Mobile : 011-406-1002 Address : Chungbuk Young-Dong-Gun Yang-San-Myun Nu-Gyo-Ri 685-12
[Ol-gaeng-i soup]
Ol-gaeng-i soup has the best taste when cooked with Yellow Soil Ol-gaeng-i caught in deep river with strong current. Ingredient : Ol-gaeng-i soup (freshwater snail), soy bean paste, young Chinese ca...
[Lodging information]
Lodging at the destination after tour or experience is yet another memory. Byulhubu Village has numerous lodging facilities such as inns, pensions, camping, etc so it is possible to lodge in whatever ...
[Views from the Fairytale]
1000top Village is like a town you read about in a fairytale. It is so full of things to see, eat, and enjoy that anyone who comes here leaves with unforgettable memories. The road back to the pensi...
[Guest House]
Guest House by the Sea at Baekmiri This is the best lodging facility to make unforgettable memories at Baekmiri Village. Stay here for a day to enjoy various experiences and learning activities. R...
Strawberry is a Rosaceae perennial full of vitamin C. It is widely cultivated in temperate zones throughout the world as a type of fruit. The strawberries that are currently grown were developed in ...
[Duckling Rice]
Duckling rice has been used for a long time in Korea, China, and Japan. It is one of the most popular environmentally-friendly methods of agriculture that preserves the nature, produces safe foods, p...
[Pickled Nappa Cabbage]
Nappa cabbage from Hwangdun Village is grown in the mid-level highlands that are 400-500m in altitude and in naturally organic soils. In taste, it is nutty and sweet. It is great for Kimchi and reta...
[Mountain Greens]
Mountain greens, such as Actinidia arguta sprouts, mulberry leaves, and Cirsium setidens, are gathered on Mt. Chiak nearby Hwangdun, boiled and dried to distribute the fresh spring greens throughout t...
[Steamed Bread]
Steamed bread is sweet and tender and is a healthy food that can satisfy the appetite of young children. We make our steamed bread in traditional way and provide the taste of your memories. It is a ...
[Woncheon Pension Complex]
Woncheon-ri Pension is located on a hill that looks down upon Bukhan River and surrounded by a forest.
[Chewy octopus in cool gourds]
The Iwon Peninsula of Taean-gun has a special octopus dish called ‘Wheat and Octopus Soup in Gourd.’ When there were not many things to eat, people used to make soup with octopus by adding noodles an...
[Raw Oyster]
Ingredients 2o Oysters, ¼ radish, 1 lemon, chicory, red pepper, parsley Vinegar Pepper Paste Sauce ? 2 Tsp of pepper paste, 1 Tsp of vinegar, 1 Tsp of chopped garlic, ½ Tsp of soy sauce and pepper fl...
[Oyster Rice]
Oyster rice is one of Taean’s traditional native foods. You can have oyster rice in other regions, but Taean’s oyster rice tastes better since it is made with the freshest oyster.
[Pumpkin Cut Noodles]
old pumpkin 2/1piece, young pumpkin 2/1piece, flour 1cup, clam flesh 100g, salt 2 Ts, egg 1, soup anchovy100g
[Pumpkin Porridge]
old pumpkin 1/4piece, red bean 2/1cup, soaked rice 1cup (glutinous rice flour 1cup), salt, muscovado a little
[Cheonsaengyeonbun Village's Restaurants]
- Rep.: Choi Byeongwha- Category: Korean food- Location : 190 Samsangri Jangheungmyeon, Yangju
About 30 boarding facilities are available in Oido under the name “Hasuk.”
[Baked clams and raw fish restaurants]
In Oido, there are about eighty baked clams and raw fish restaurants and about sixty other restaurants.
Soil is a mineral covering 10% of the earth and per its colors it is separated into yellow soil, black soil, red soil, and white soil.
[Halbae Experience Quarters]
Halbae Experience Quarters offer both lodging facilities and various programs where you can experience different things, starting from 2005.
[Places to stay]
Halbae Experience Quarters offer both lodging facilities and various programs where you can experience different things, starting from 2005. Families are welcome to come and experience these programs...
[Black Goat Bulgogi]
Delicacy of Pyeongni Village!! Come and taste the bulgogi made with black goats that we graze in pollution-free environment
[Taste of Daegiri Village ]
We feel as if something is missing when there is noting to eat. Visit Daegiri Village, a green highland, to enjoy the native chicken dishes and spicy catfish soup. The foods are prepared with clean ...
[Find a special taste!! Special Pumpkin Wrap Dish~ ]
Special Pumpkin Wrap Dish is a must when you visit Hadomun Village. Special Pumpkin Wrap Dish is prepared with environmentally-friendly farm produce and is strongly recommended to those who look fo...
[Madang Bau Garden]
A home of hot freshwater fish soup and chicken soup Sannaedle has only one restaurant: Madang Bau Garden. Mandang Bau Garden is located by the entrance to Sannaedle Village from Ssangchi-myeon and i...
[Tastes of Sannaedle Village]
Hot and spicy Sannaedle freshwater fish soup Sannaedle freshwater fish soup is prepared with Amur catfish, cut-tailed bullhead, or dace from Churyeongcheon and dried radish leaves and hot and spicy s...
[Okseom Water Park]
The biggest leisure town is located in Anyang-myeon, Jangheung-gun. Okseom Water Park in Sumun-ri, Anyang-myeon, Jangheung-gun is a first-rate leisure town which has many facilities over approximatel...
Eojuk is porridge boiled with fish and rice, and it is one of the most famous foods of this village.Here, since they use fresh-water fish caught in Cheokbeok River, people from outside come just to ea...
[Accommodation and Food]
Public accommodation and minbak guest houses. It is very difficult to find those eyesore motels or holiday houses in Sansuyu Village. Although the recently acclaimed popularity of Sansuyu festival at...
[Sansuyu Rice Wine]
Sansuyu Rice Wine Rice wine is a traditional drink often made and enjoyed in rural communities. Sansuyu Village offers its unique rice wine with goumi extract that adds very special distinction to th...
[Private Inns in Village]
Muan Wolseon-ri Artists’ Village is currently managing Seungdalsanbang and Gongjeoknongwon that are registered on Best 50 Namdo Private.
[Pan-fried Green Tea]
Pan-fried green tea from Muan Wolseon-ri Artists’ Village is Korea’s traditional tea. Korea’s tea is `pan-fried green tea'; China’s tea is `semi-fermented tea'; and Japan’s tea is `steamed tea.' Jap...
Wanchang Village has three lodging facilities. Because there are not many households, only three households currently engage in lodging business. However, there never are insufficient vacancies. Ea...
[Food of the Past]
Steamed Barley: In the old days of poverty, steamed barley used to be the main staple for the older generations during barely humps. The Borigoge Village provides steamed barley luch as an opportunity...
Chuotang (Loach soup) – Chuotang cooked with the loaches you caught in the field is delicious because of the side dishes, your childhood memories and nature
[Foods ]
Acorn is a fruit of the oak tree family such as Jolcham, Mulcham, Galcham, and Dolcham trees, and as a low calorie and alkalinity food, it makes a representative slow-food. A main dish made of acorn i...
[Julok Village Lodging/Restaurants]
Mud snail Dyengjang Jjigae It is a soup made of Dyenjang that was made of Korean soybeans and mud snails. This is a taste of an old farm village
[Introduction of Corea's village restaurant list.]
Introduction of Corea's village restaurant list.
[Julok Village Food experiences]
As food experiences from which to feel the warmth of a farm village, making rice cake (Injeolmi), making tofu, making buckwheat jelly, kimchi-making, and making a sauce are available, and fun folk pla...
[Foods Experience]
Cooking and the Menu Setting out the organic menu Name: Doenjangjjigae (Soybean paste Soup)
[Introduction and information of lodging]
Ginko Village has six guest houses where you can relax after enjoying various traditional Korean experiences. The guest houses make you feel at home and you may feel the warm hearts and hand of the ...
[Introduction and recipe of local foods ]
A substantial amount of Galbitang (a beef broth soup) is served for an inexpensive price, which comes with neat side dishes and the quiet atmosphere of the restaurant is suitable for the family.
[Sorisan's Accomodation list]
Sorisan's Accomodation list
[Food Tasting]
Arrowroot-starch Cake Tools: 2 big pots, 4 rubber baskets, 10 wooden sticks, 2 saws, 10 stepping stones, 2 wrapping cloth, 2 bamboo baskets
The restaurants of Crane Peace Village include Mintongseon Native Chicken, Pyeonggang Native Chicken, Oak Tree Grill and Bontobagi Restaurant. Crane Peace Hall is directly managed by the village. ...
[Milguk Octopus Soup]
It is prepared with 10~15cm-long young octopuses caught in Jun~Jul. Soft and tasty octopuses are boiled as a whole in gourd kettles for coastal native food of Milguk Octopus Soup. Many epicures visi...
[Change Your Table]
People started to talk a lot about Well-Being. Well-Being is a lifestyle aiming to make the lives more abundant and beautiful by organically combining the body and the mind. However, in Sinsun Villa...
[Duyang Tourists’ Plantation]
As it is covered by Dukcheon River flowing from Jiri Mountains’ Cheonhwang Summit, it has pure and abundant waters with various freshwater fish. Duyang Tourists’ Plantation with pure river has 4 swee...
[Hapcheon’s Delicacies]
Hapcheon Traditional Korean Snacks started mass-production in 1988 with the certification of subsidiary business complex for agricultural and fishery villages. Then, it was awarded Presidential Award...
[Gujeuk Jelly Village]
Although the acorn jellies of Gujeuk Village were first appeared by poverty, it was widely popularized as it was appointed a local food of ’93 Expo. Gujeuk Jelly Village has 30 jelly restaurants that...
[Lodging (Mungyeong Tour Hotel, Mungyeong Saejae Youth Hostel)]
If you come to Mungyeong Saejae, you can have a pleasant rest at Mungyeong Tour Hotel, Mungyeong Saejae Youth Hostel or the new lodging facilities in Mungyeong Hot Springs Complex.
[Mountain Greens Special]
If you visit Mungyeong, you can taste the dishes prepared with the mountain greens (fernbrake, saussurea, Actinidia arguta sprouts and groundsel) and mushrooms of Juheul Mountains with clean air and p...
[River Snail Slow Food]
Buraemi Village is full of pollution-free clean nature, food and the taste of your mothers’ dishes. Particularly, the river snails inhibiting in the village reservoir are currently welcomed by the co...
[Homestay Homes]
A rest place in the hill by the sea, a soccer field and a basketball court. Good for field trips and workshops.
[Baby Clam Knife-cut Noodle and Grilled Clams]
Unlike other regions, Daebu Island contacts the sea and has developed many dishes using fresh seafood. Above all, baby clam knife-cut noodle uses baby clams to make the unique taste of Daebu Island’s...
[Log House Pensions]
Half-way up Gamak Mountains by Paju Wild Grapes Village are picture-perfect Log House Pensions. Not only the condo-type convenience, they are also developing various programs for mountain experiences...
[National Institute of Professional Administration of Korea]
This National Institute founded in Jan, 1999 is Korea’s best professional education and training institute that educates about 40,000 people each year for local administration, educational administrat...
[Suwon Korean BBQ]
The origin of Suwon Korean BBQ (Galbi) was a restaurant named “Hwachunok” opened by Gwi-Seong Lee in 1940 on Ssajeon Street of Suwon/Yeongdong Market. Hwachunok started with soups for hangover and ...
It is near the heavenly tourists' attractions, open seas and beautiful Halla Mountains. Also, the village offers high-class pensions and resorts for people on business trips and touring families.
[Dongsan Pension]
Pensions directly managed by the villagers of Gunwi Palgongsan Apple Village
If you visit Boksaggot Village, you can taste Ot-chicken, the traditional stamina food; boiled chicken; chicken soup; and stamina stew along with yellow earth porcelain duck-chicken barbeque, the uniq...
[Sweet Potato Jellies]
Sweet Potato Jellies contain many vegetable fibers and milky Serafin to prevent constipation, high blood pressure and large intestine cancer.
Yeongjeon Yellow Earth Village of Dangjin manages 11 units of homestay houses including the yellow earth house for the farm experience.
[Native Food]
Okjeong Lake reservoir has produced many crucian carps. Therefore, the village has been known for crucian carp soup and streamed crucian carps that have become the native food of our village. Crucia...
Jinbu Summit is a four-season total vacation resort with various facilities for the visitors. Along with the Alps Resort with 500 rooms, villages provide well-prepared pensions and homestay services....
[Yellow Pollock Dishes]
The major specialty of Jinbu Summit is Yellow Pollock that endured the severe coldness of winter. Yellow Pollock attracts epicures as Yellow Pollock Barbeque or Yellow Pollock Soup for hangover. ...
[Folk Food]
At Songcheon Village, you can taste the traditional folk food of the village. These foods include folk chicken, Sanchae Bibimbab, Spicy Freshwater Fish Soup and folk wine.
[Raw Trout]
Varieties of tastes harmonize with the varieties to tour for more excitement. The specialties of Odae Mountains are mountain green special prepared with the naturally-grown mountain greens of Odae Mo...
[Munjeon Gobies]
In Korea, Muan Octopuses are No. 1, because they live in the wetlands containing Germanium in the clean seas. As they feed on oily planktons and clam worms in the wetlands, they are highly nutritiona...
We have the best recreational spaces and facilities where you and your family can interact with the nature. Also, you can make friends with the villagers. The villagers try best to maintain the best...
[Native Chicken Soup]
Native Chicken Soup, one of 8 Tastes of Wanju, and Steamed False Dace (Pseudorasbora parva) are naturally cooked for great taste. Every year, many people come back to taste these again. Those who ha...
[Sanchae Combination Dish]
Come and taste Sanchae Combination Dish of Hwangsan Village that contains various pollution free mountain greens grown in clear water and fresh air.
[Chicken BBQ]
Chicken BBQCome and try our spicy and soft Chicken BBQ. Boneless chicken is marinated with various seasonings including Cheongsong peppers and grilled on stone grill for unique taste.
[Bungalow Rest Place]
Bungalow facilities located at the entrance of Handeumi Village is composed of six units by the valley flowing from Saebat Valley for convenient water bathing. Also, you can participate in various fa...
[Tastes of Tidal Wetlands]
It is Korea’s largest tidal wetlands to produce freshly-collected baby clams, mountain berries very effective for enhancing health they are grown in strong ocean winds and Pucheon eels that live back ...
Restaurants of Paroho Saengtae Village include Rest Place Restaurant, Fishermen’s Rest Place Restaurant and Yongho-ri Fishing Place Restaurant and lodging includes Fishermen’s Rest Place Restaurant an...
[Duck barbecue]
Duck meat is sweet and salty, and its nature is plain. It is related to the menopause and nerves. It helps things alone, cools down the body, and comforts intestines. The meat cures a fever and conden...
[Boiled barely and rice]
Soak barley and rice in the water for 30minutes and then pick them out water after washing them. 2. Lay barely in the bottom of an iron pot and put rice on the laid barley. Pour water that is less th...
[Korean Chicken Baeksuk]
It was designated as the 13th intangible cultural asset in Kyounggi province in Dec. 24, 1994. The one in possession of the faculty is Seokpil Kang. It is also called as Kwangju Sansung Soju.
[A pepper pot soup]
A pot stew that boil fish and vegetables add thick soypaste mixed with red pepper or red pepper powder.
[Natural raw live fish dish]
The biggest attraction of Gohyeon Mideodeok Village is to eat fresh natural raw fish at moderate price while enjoying the sea view. The dishes can be served immediately while enjoying cool sea wind an...
[Yakso Bulgogi]
Ulleung island has a typical oceanic climate which is cool in summer and warm in winter . Five hundred and seventy five kinds of grasses are widely spread here. Most of the grasses are edible mountain...
[Bajirak(manila clam) knife-cut noodles]
Rich shellfish, tough noodles, fantastic taste of the rich, cool soup One thing you should try in Jebudo is bajirak knife-cut noodles. It has become much more famous after some actors in TV serial d...
[Seolbong Hotel]
Address: 313-5 Anheungdong Icheon KyounggidoPhone: 82-31-635-5701 Fax : 82-31-633-6304 Room : Total 75
[Icheon boiled rice]
Icheon is the most famous rice-producing center and as is well known, rice is the principal food of Korea. Icheon rice was so delicious that it was included in ancient kings' meal.
[Native Fowl ]
Native Fowl (called Tojongdak) combined with gasiogapy and thorny ash The native fowl cooked with gasiogapy and thorny ash is called Tojongdak cuisine which has low fat and tasty.
Dotory-mook used to be normal food in country villages where there are a lot of natural acorn trees about 20 years ago.
[Accommodation and Restaurant]
(Dongmyeong Small Octopus Shop) Address: 199-11, Suseok-ri, Sacheon- eup, Sacheon City, Gyeongsannam-do Tel: + 92-55-853-4372 Recommended Food : ☞ Fried Small Octopus...
[Dried Persimmon Wrap]
Bakhap is the most delicious in spring and winter. Bakhap, a sea food that is mainly produced in Seon Jin Village, Sacheon city, is not produced in other areas owing to the proper weather conditionsin...
[Black Goat Roast Meat ]
Acorn means all fruits of oak family such as chongcham tree, Quercus grosseserrata, Quercus aliena, Pasania edulis including overcup oak. This fruit is nut having hard and slippery crust and 1 seed in...
[Gwangcheon Togul Salted Shrimps ]
Gwangcheon-eup is filled with salted shrimps stores as much as to be named Salted Shrimps Town. There is a conventional market for Gwangcheon Togul Salted Shrimp together with streets lined up with To...
[Chikguksu ]
It has bitter taste because it was made by pollution free Chik and it promotes the liver, detoxifying alcohol in the liver. It is good for constipation through elimination of poisons in the bowel.
[Steamed Crucian Carp ]
The Kyeongcheon reservoir is famous for Crucian Carp. Naturally grown Crucian Carp - a native species - stimulates the epicure's appetite.
[Minmul bibimhwi( Mixing raw fish from fresh water)]
Bibimhwi is popular with the tourists who visit the lake area for the freshness and quality are unrivaled.
[Convenience Facilities]
[Sliced Raw Gizzard Shad ]
Fish dishes with gizzard shad are well developed in the Mangdeok estuary where the Seomjin River meets the East Sea.
Dakgalbi (spiced chicken chunks) is a recipe enhancing the image of Chunchon. Dakgalbi has ribs or flesh clusters soaked in spices and roasted with vegetables on a pan. It is much different from other...
[Songjeong Grilled Minced Ribs]
The savory smell of minced beef-ribs barbecued with a luscious seasoning sauce including garlic, ginger and sesame oil-- truly appetizing.
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