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Seorisan Mountain
Shaped like a castle wall, Seorisan Mountain in connected to Chukryeongsan Mountain (879m). It is also called Sangsan Mountain in Chinese and is located on the boundary of Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-gun of Gyeonggi-do and Sang-myeong of Gapyeo...
This village..Introducing
[Seoul/Incheon/Gyeonggi] Namyangju Goroseo Village [Principal Place/Park] Introduction of cultural exchanges and p...
[Principal Place/Park] Introduction about Mongolian Cultural Vi... [Mountain/Valley] Jugeumsan Mountain
[Experience] Collecting Painted maple sap [Mushroom] Jangnoesam (Wild cultivated ginseng) and...
[Others] the sap of Painted maple
Theme Sightseeing + more
Yecheon Astro-Space Center
Guksagol - Yecheon Astro-Space Center
Yongmoonsa Temple
Guksagol - Yongmoonsa Temple
Insect Ecology Experience Cente
Guksagol - Insect Ecology Experience Cente
Samgang Tavern
Guksagol - Samgang Tavern
Guksagol - Hoeryongpo
Food Sightseeing + more
Lamb rib barbecue
Like a village which has sheep ranch, in here you can enjoy exquisite unfamiliar...
Yellow Dried Pollack Hangover Soup
Daegwanryeong is one of the best homes of yellow dried pollack in the country. T...
Ggot Bibimbap (boiled rice with assorted mixtures) and Potato cake
Ggot(Flower) Bibimbap made of edible flowers which we cultivate in person in the...
HanneulChae Lodging
It is HanneulChai Lodging located on the hill of Saburanggol the hidden valley o...
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