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Sweet Pumpkin
Sweet Pumpkin

Paju Wild Grapes Village formed a Sweet Pumpkin Production Complex and obtained a organic-culture quality certification (written certification) from National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service for the first time in Korea in March 2000. They produce 4,600tons of sweet pumpkins (40acre) and 290tons of hard pumpkins (27acre) and make 570,000,000won profit by selling them to Raw Food Organization and Fresh Union (Singsing).

Pumpkins have the most starch content among all the fruits and vegetables. It is high in calorie like sweet potatoes and beans; it is often used for meals. Particularly, a Korean snack made with pumpkins contains much Vitamin A and little of Vitamin B.

Best pumpkins should be heavy to lift and have thicker outer part and thinner seed part when cut in half.
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