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[ Pumpkin ]
[Sweet Pumpkins]
Sweet Pumpkins
[Sweet Pumpkin]
The sweet pumpkin produced in Samwonsu Yakcho village is very good for health and is shaped like heart
[Yellow soil zukini]
Yello soil zucchinis are cultivated as the village’s specialty product, and out of total 25,000 unit pyung, area cultivated by the yellow soil zucchini cultivation team is 20,000 unit pyung. Total pro...
Zucchini is cultivated in the institutional greenhouses of Hwajeong-myeon by Nam River. Bocheon Village is Korea’s largest zucchini producer and is recognized for its tasty, quality zucchini. A larg...
[Millstone Pumpkin]
Chitosan is extracted from shells of insects, cell coats of plant pathogens and shells of shrimps and crabs, which constitutes the structure of these creatures and makes the broken or cut
[Pumpkin and Squash]
Pumpkin and squash are used in various dishes and come in varieties of types. They are evenly high in carotene, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and phosphorous.
[Introducing Nokjeon Sweet Pumpkins]
Nokjeon sweet pumpkins are larger, brighter, and sweeter than the pumpkins produced in other regions and are therefore highly popular.
Because of rich Vitamin A, zucchini strengthens mucous membranes and improves resistance against a cold.
[Sweet Pumpkin]
Paju Wild Grapes Village formed a Sweet Pumpkin Production Complex and obtained a organic-culture quality certification (written certification) from National Agricultural Products Quality Management S...
[Naju Pumpkins]
Naju pumpkins are organically cultivated in pollution-free region using clear groundwater to have soft flesh, orange colors and great taste and flavor.
Squashes of Paroho Saengtae Village are planted in late May and harvested around Jul 20.
[Noodle Pumpkin]
An indigenous product from Bangokri. It is easily regarded as noodle soup with pumpkin because of the name. In fact, however, it is a kind of pumpkin, which becomes like real noodles when it is boiled...
[Sweet Pumpkins]
Western pumpkin originated in Peru of south america was brought in Korea after 1920s.Sweet pumpkin is pumpkin according to description but it taste chestnut. It has high sweetness and high vitamin con...
Cut 0.5cm green pumpkin roundly, which is slim and doesn't have seeds and dry it in a tray and put in the cool line after piercing in mid autumn. It is a good food. Fry and make NAMUL with dried pumpk...
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