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[ Sweet potato/Potato ]
[Regional Product of Wind Village]
Regional Product of Wind Village
[Yemil potato]
Ganwondo bun potato is tasty, sweet and contains many white bun. The type differ to the normal potato used for side dish and it is suitable for kids' snack. Also, it is known as the 'apple in ground' ...
[Sweet poptatoes]
Pumpkin sweet potato is a crossbreed of water sweet potato and pumpkin. It is grown in the cool coastal climate of Taean in the rich yellow soil field, so when you steam or roast it, the insides turns...
Grown in fertile soils with clear water, Jeungpyeong’s potatoes are firm and nutritious. Potato plants grow up to 60-100cm in height and have a unique smell.
Characteristics: Potato mostly consists of carbohydrate, protein, fiber, iron, potassium, and magnesium. Potato is an alkali food that reduces the acidity of your body.
[Sangok Slow Village potato]
The potatoes of Sangok Slow Village are highland potatoes. The village shares about 16.5ha of land to cultivate potatoes.
Potato mostly consists of starch and contains important minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamins C and B.
[Sweet Potato]
Sweet potatoes are harvested in October and November. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin C and can quickly reduce fever. They are a great source of vitamin in winter when not much vegetable is avai...
[Potato ]
Grown in yellow earth soil, Jindeung Village’s potatoes have more nutrients and better taste than other potatoes.
[Helianthus tuberosus ]
Helianthus tuberosus is a plant in the chrysanthemums family. It is called Pig Potato in Korea.
[Specialties (Agricultural Produce)]
MaeHyang-ri’s potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corns are also quality specialties of the village.
[Specialties (Pumpkin, Carrot, or Chestnut Potatoes)]
Pumpkin (Carrot) Potato - The name came from its yellow flesh like that of a pumpkin. It is also called yellow potato, honey potato, or carrot potato. It is orange when raw and turns dark yellow whe...
[Specialties (Sweet Potato)]
Songhak-3-ri of Gangsang-myeon sells tasty, quality sweet potatoes (pumpkin, carrot, or chestnut potatoes) nationwide through Yangpyeong Distribution Center.
[Yellow Sweet Potatoes]
Shingwang Mt. Bihak Village’s yellow sweet potatoes contain various vitamins, minerals, and high-quality fiber and are pollution-free healthy food that can be produced with almost no chemical pesticid...
[Specialties of Highland - Potato]
"Pollution-free healthy food – Gangwon-do's potatoes" Potatoes are Daegiri Village's most representative specialty of Gangwon-do, a home of various natural foods. Daegiri Village's potatoes, an alk...
[No-chemical treated sweet potato]
Eom Jo, who went to Japan as a diplomat in the 39th year of King Yeongjo of Joseon (1763), brought some seeds of sweet potato into our country and chestnut sweet potato is grown in alluvial soil in th...
[Julok Village Specialty market - sweet potato]
For special products, there are Shiitake mushrooms, melons, sweet potato, and potato and cucumbers, zucchinis, egg plants, hot peppers, peanuts, and corns are grown organically and used for farm exper...
[Sweet potato]
The main ingredients of sweet potato are water, carbohydrate, protein, and fat and sweet potato also contains carotin,
[jeoji art village's potatoes]
Potatoes are included in Solanaceae Family and are grown on the stemmy roots that stretch underground. We have eaten them as a staple food, used them to feed animals and used their starch. The subst...
[Maisan Sweet Potatoes]
Maisan Village of Jeonbuk is located in a clean highland and its productions of peppers, sweet potatoes and fernbrakes are clean and contain abundant nutrition factors among the pure waters and warm s...
[Okjeongho Sweet Potatoes]
The clean region of Okjeong Lake is treasuring the non-damaged appearances of nature preserved by the surrounding geographical conditions. We produce many high-quality organic farm produces such as p...
[Naju sweet potatoes]
Naju sweet potatoes cultivated in the fertile yellow earth of Naju Plains are red and fully contained to be smooth, starchy, sweet and tasty. As they are distributed through strict quality management...
[potatoes & sweet potatoes]
Mother Village is a traditional farm village that has a large-scale institutional horticulture complex formed by the members of Geumgu Farming Association Inc. Also, as there is the factory of Kim Je...
[Baekdam Sweet potato/Potato]
Carbohydrate is main contents of potato and it has about 75 kcal. It is called a storehouse for vitamin due to much contents of vitamin B1,B2 and C.That vitamin C in the fresh potato is safe even cook...
[Yeoju Barm sweet potato]
During the long night of winter, people who had dinner with boiled barley felt hungry.
[Yangdong potato]
Steamed potato is commonly used for meal or snack between meals and broiled or fried potato is popular as well. It is also used as raw materials for Soju(distilled liquor) and alcohol. Potato starch i...
[Togomi potato]
This is good for children’s foods or side dishes as it is cultivated by organic farming and the quality is superior for producing in the semi-high & chilling place
[Jeongseon cool highland potato]
Jeongseon cool highland potato was cultivated in uncontaminated area that is 600m or more above sea with fresh air and clean water.It is a delicious, nourishing health food which its flesh is hard as ...
[Soknorang(Yellow-inside)sweet potatoes]
Sweet and soft Gangwha Soknorang(Yellow-inside)sweet potatoes Sweet, soft, Soknorang(Yellow-inside)sweet potatoes, different from other potatoes, are produced mainly in the coast of Gangwha area and ...
[Hwangto Potato]
Potato has plenty of stable vitamin C. Vitamin C makes the skin strong and beautiful. It clears the blood and takes a big role in rooting out all kinds of diseases by circulating the blood into the ca...
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