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Pimento is the major speciality of Jinburyeong Heulri Village.  Also called sweet pimento in Korea, pimento is an altered form of hot pimento with various kinds and has been cultivated as an important vegetable.  The name, pimento, comes from French 'piment.' The height of the step is 60cm with not many cracks on branches and the length of the leaves is 7∼12cm.  The peduncle is  2.5cm long and the corolla has the diameter of 2∼5cm and length of 2cm.  The fruit is a short oval-shape with thin and large top and rounded and vertically-grooved bottom.  Mostly green but some have red color.  Yellows are called paprika.  They are similar to pimento, but are a different kind.  As they are lately used for salad or other dishes, they see constantly increasing demand.  

You can meet superior-quality pimentos in Jinburyeong Heulri.  Also, the village offers an experience program at a pimento farmland.  

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