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Euiseong Hot Pepper

 Euiseong Hot Pepper

It is grown in the clear mountainous soils of Euiseong.  It has thick peels and produces a lot of hot pepper powder when dried.  It is widely used to make Kimchi and hot pepper paste, as it preserves the fresh taste of food.
Euiseong Jadu Village developed the mulching technique 30 years ago.  In particular, hot pepper of Euiseong is exposed to temperatures of 30℃ or higher and intensive sunlight between May and August.  These extreme climate conditions make Euiseong hot pepper highly nutritious and colorful.

* Origin of Hot Pepper
Hot pepper grows on an annual plant in the Solanceae family or a short, perennial shrub.  
Hot pepper originated from South America and has a long history in the American Continent.  It is widely cultivated from tropical zone to moderate zone.  In tropical regions, it grows on a perennial plant.
Hot peppers were introduced to Korea around the time when cigarette was brought in and has been a great influence on the Korean diet.  Some say that hot peppers were introduced to Korea by the Japanese invaders who tried to use hot pepper to kill the people of Joseon.  However, many historical records in Japan write that hot peppers were introduced to Japan from Korea during the Japanese Invasion of 1592.
Korean people used to add a hot pepper into the jars of traditional sauces or tied red peppers and charcoal onto the ropes to announce the birth of a boy, because red hot pepper symbolized protection from bad spirits.

* Characteristics of Euiseong Anpyeong Hot Pepper
Anpyeong has the geographical, environmental, and climate conditions most suitable for growing hot peppers.  Therefore, even the same species of hot pepper tastes better when it is grown in Anpyeong.
The use of more natural fertilizers than chemical fertilizers enhances the sweet taste of hot peppers while increasing their nutritional contents.  Also, as the size and quality of the fruits are determined by the method of cultivation, accumulated experiences and outstanding technology are highly important.  
The drying process is very important for hot peppers.  There are several different ways to dry them.  The ordinary drying process is to use the dryer.  These days, sun-dried hot peppers are very popular because sunlight enhances the rich taste of hot peppers.
However, the technology of sun-drying determines the quality of the hot peppers.  Euiseong Anpyeong hot peppers are sun-dried in an eco-friendly way.

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