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Subi Sanchon Village
Why Youngyang red pepper is beautiful

When it comes to a fall, red wave
is rolling in Youngyang, the best red pepper producing center. Red peppers boast their color in outspread field. Under frizzling sunlight the red pepper grows handsome and ripens.

What they take after each other 
They take after each other by contemplation. As couples who live long together become each other alike, a person who likes a mountain resembles the mountain. Therefore, a farmer resembles a crop that was planted by himself.
Red pepper was the very image of a person in Youngyang. They are simple-hearted like a red pepper that endures the hot heat completely in the summer and ripens ruddily for a whole day. However, their inside is passionate like hot taste of red pepper that shoots the tip of the tongue.
As there was such a passion, there were glorious literary mans in Yangyang.(Connected files: Why they are beautiful-Jojihoon.Jpg, Why they are beautiful-Ohildo.Jpg, Why they are beautiful-Leemoonyeol.Jpg)

Farmer's face is red like the pepper.

It is said that a person is more beautiful than flower. May I resemble such a person?
The red pepper looks like more beautiful than flower.

Red pepper- Ecstasy of hot taste

There is something special in red pepper?
Something special in red pepper catches people's smack, which exceeds 1/4 of the people in the world.
The fifth taste, following the tastes of sweetness, sour, bitter, and salt, appeared. What is the essence of hot taste?
It widens the taste sense of the people.
When chemical compound 'capsycine' of the red pepper meets with nerves of the tongue, delivery substance of pains carries the signal of 'burning'.
" Fire! Fire!"
Brain is reflectively piping the body equipment, trying to eradicate the substance. Heart beating is faster, saliva is secreted in the mouth and stomach activity smartens more, sweat pours in the face.
However, mouth doesn't actually burn, you know.
By the way, it is a riddle yet why the neurotransmitter sends wrong signal on the brain in this way.

Because it is ecstasy
Red pepper is a vicious fruit. If you bite it in your mouth, strong shiver shakes whole body like napalm bomb.
It's like ecstatic of opium and a lot of people are poisoned by this taste. Columbus hunted where pepper was. That time, the pepper was expensive. Just at the right time, he found the imitation of the pepper. It has been the fifth taste for 50 years ever since.
A quarter of people in the world enjoy taste of red pepper. Zubin Mehta, a famous Indian commander, always carried  red pepper in matchbox. He did not eat a meal without red pepper. Diego Rivera , a famous Mexican painter, enjoyed red pepper madly. Now, it may be a question of time that the remainder ,'3/4' plunges to red pepper.
Violent reaction of whole body when you bite it in your mouth full. It is the very ecstasy.

It is much more hot than it looks 
The one day afternoon that it rains, I went around a pond and approached near in place that red peppers were planted. Just then, something whooshes. I found a black snake under the grassy braches. The snake is holding up his head. I ran into kitchen screaming. "It is a cobra! a cobra!"
My aunt walked slowly to a place that red peppers were planted to grasp situation without hesitation. I followed. The snake disappeared. My aunt ignored the terrible moment that I encountered. And, I was told not to go near around the pond.
"Cobra likes to hide under red peppers. That's why the red pepper is so hot." My aunt articulated that point.
~ Omitted ~
This phenomenon appears in the West. They show a serious refusal for the first time. But, they have gradually fallen in the taste. I am sure that the red pepper has something to do with the people. At first sight, it is strange that so many people like the red pepper. Red pepper is the hottest fruit in the world.
Violent reaction is a dangerous signal. Human was originally designed to avoid that. However, red pepper makes a joy that cannot be denied if you keep biting it. It is a dangerous adventure. You can experience another pain like death. This process is repeated continuously.
I can understand how the red pepper takes effect on the cooking culture in the travel's final stage.
- Among 'Red pepper-So hot ecstasy', written by Amal Naji

Cannot live without red pepper

Red pepper, like an old friend.
How many are foods that do not contain the red pepper? 
  We can't imagine foods that have no red pepper. But that has not a very long history.
The first red pepper was introduced from Central America. It was misguided that the red pepper was originally in my country. It was transmitted in the 17th century.
A peculiar patience of us may result from the red pepper. We Korean eat a red pepper with red pepper paste. Other people may be surprised to see the sight.
It is so familiar that the red pepper is like a lifelong friend of us. Even if you became acquainted just for a day, it seems to be a 100-year friend. Amazing?

The king of a dinner table, Kimchi 
The red pepper was born in Mexico, via Europe, and introduced us by Japan. Kimchi was completed with the red pepper, which had been considered as spices. Baekimchi which was simply salted grows to Gimjang Kimchi. Red pepper played a role of catalyst.
Kimchi can be laid up for the winter owing to the red pepper. Today fermented Kimchi is regarded as an international food. Lactic acid bacteria completed the famous Kimchi.
There is the red pepper behind Kimchi, which is king of a dinner table.

"A Married life is harder than having of red pepper."
The unique hot taste of red pepper was compared to a hard married life.
Some parts of Kyungpook has the following folk song.
" Married life is dog's life
Red pepper being planted
In the front and back yard
The red pepper so hot sure
The married life is much hotter.

Thanks to the color, as well as the hot taste, red pepper was seated deeply within our life. (Connected files: Can'tlive-jarstand.jpg)

Red in our country symbolized the sun or fire. It was used to chuck out evil spirits, too.
If you gave birth to son, families would thread red pepper with charcoal. It represents the birth of a son, and prevents demons from entering the house. 
Also, the reason that red pepper with charcoal are laid on the jar stands is keeping off demons, who make the contents unsavory.

Red pepper have been seated proudly within our foods for 400 years. And this displaced our smack.
Perhaps the kimchi stew that makes a good taste in the mouth is the happiness of Korean.

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