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Nakjo Village
red peppers

Gangwha red pepper with its color as fine
as that of the sun
Sun-red pepper and Gangwha red pepper that are grown in clean environment of Gangwha with enough sunshine feature fine red color and sweet taste due to oceanic climate in summer. Ripe with enough sunshine they produce plenty of red pepper powder and make food look better because of bright, clear red color.

The origin of red peppers is near the Amazon and in 1493 Columbus took them to Spain and spread to Europe, and around 17th century they were spread to China and Japan. In the 1400's in Europe people thought pepper invaluable and a man called Janga who was going with Columbus found that Mexican natives were using red peppers that are hotter than "Aggie" peppers and named them "RED PEPPER" and spread to Europe.
The introduction of red peppers to Korean has been told in different ways, one of which goes that they came from Japan at 'Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592' and another that they came from China, but none of them are sure yet. It's said that Japanese soldiers took red peppers to Korea to kill Korean with them in 1614 during the war but Korean came to like them and also written in by Yi, Soo-kwang that there was poison in red peppers and called 'Japan mustard' because they came from Japan.

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