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Chili Peppers

[Chili Peppers]

Chili Peppers

Aside from capsaicin, which is the main constituent of chili peppers, they also contain high quantities of vitamins A and C. When being exposed to air conditioning in closed spaces for prolonged periods, it is easy to catch various respiratory diseases, but vitamin A enhances immunity against this. Vitamin C is chili peppers are about 20 times that found in an apple. In addition, because the capsaicin prevents vitamins from oxidizing, nutrition loss is minimal even when cooking. However, if left out in the air for a long time, the capsaicin slowly evaporates and the effects of vitamins drop. This is a high temperature crop so the best temperature for growing them is 25℃. It grows well in fertile lands where water irrigates well and the climate and soil environment of Seogak Village is perfect to produce the best quality chili peppers. Thus, top-grade chili peppers are grown here.
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Chili Peppers
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