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Taeyangcho red pepper paste
- Taeyangcho’s famous production region, Younggwang. Younggwang is a place famous as the home of Taeyangcho, and especially Younggwang Lava Village has clean natural environment and good-quality soil, producing lots of Taeyangcho red pepper peppers. Red pepper peppers are vegetables that are easily found in the diet of Koreans. They take up the most cultivation area, and are one of the most used vegetables in our dishes. Red pepper peppers particularly, are the main ingredients of red pepper paste, which is a must-have fermented food in our diet, and the red pepper peppers are the source of the taste of red pepper paste. In Younggwang Lava Village, only the good-quality red pepper peppers that are grown in a clean natural environment are chosen selectively and sold. Since only the selected good-quality red pepper peppers are sold, making Kimchi with red pepper paste made with Younggwang Lava Village red pepper peppers would enhance the taste of Kimchi and maintain the beautiful red color.

- Red pepper dishes

 Fried red pepper : Prepare big red pepper pepper first. Then slice the red pepper into half with knife, remove the pits, and prepare ingredients to be put inside. As for the ingredients to put inside the fried red pepper there are Chinese noodles, pork, and various vegetables. First mix Chinese noodles with pork and vegetables, and mix with a little bit of black peppers. You get tasty fried red pepper if you fry it after adding flour and frying powder.


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