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Chili peppers
 It is pure chili pepper cultivated with unpolluted water air and soil. The fruit is a cone-shaped berry type fruit with little moisture, which ripens in August~October. The red ripe fruits are dried as spices, and also they are used for observing and medicinal (paralysis?neuralgia?frostbite) purposes. The leaves are eaten as a seasoned dish, and the unripe chili peppers are either boiled in seasoning sauce into a side dish or into fried kelps. The spiciness of chili peppers is because of the basic component called capsaicin (C18H27O3N), the component of the red color is mainly capsanthin. A lot of vitamin A is contained in the component that makes the red color of chili peppers.


As a high-temperature crop the appropriate temperature for its growth is about 25℃. It grows well in a rich and well-drained area. It is divided into 2 types – dried chili peppers and unripe chili peppers – and there are also green peppers such as lion?large bell?pimento.
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Chili peppers
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