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[ Others ]
[Wild Herbs and Vegetables]
Wild herbs, which are the greatest gift of nature to humanity, grow in clean, unpolluted areas and is a health food that is free of any air pollution or agro-chemicals.
Sajasan Village grows white and red hasuo for sale
[Spring Cabbage / Salted Cabbage]
Excellent quality of cabbages that were produced from fertile region of Boryeong, chilli powder and scallion were mixed for making Kimchi. In addition, shrimps from the West Sea and salted anchovy wer...
[Winter Shiraegi (dried radish leaves) ]
This is the Shiraegi (dried radish leaves) naturally dried in the hilly areas of Daegwanryeong Wind Vil winter Shiraegi (dried radish leaves) is made in the midwinter hence has no concern of vermin...
[Carrot ]
Carrot is abundant in Vitamin A so protects eye sight and is good for skin beauty treatment. This is the clean and fresh carrot which has grown in the clean nature of Daegwanryeong and is abundant in...
[Usan Jirungi village_ salted cabbage]
The origin of cabbage is known to be the northen part of China. Cabbage consists of tightly bound leaf type(head type), spreading out leaf type(non-head type) and the intermediate type(semi-head type)...
[Muan Yaksil_Sanchae/Herb]
You can find butterbur, goldenrod, bracken, royal fern, fatsia shoots, mil herbs, Japanese lady bell and Atractylodes japonica in the mountain and if you go further into the mountain, you can find Car...
[ant_special product introduction]
Mountain herbs are full of nutrients such as vitamin, mineral and fibers and are known to be a healthy food.
[horongbul_Forest Products]
Various mushrooms such as Songi mushroom(Tricholoma matsutake), Youngji mushroom, Ssari mushroom and Neungi mushroom(Sarcodon aspratus) grow in the wild and forest products such as duduk and gosari ar...
[Gonaengji Cabbage ]
The Gonaengji cabbage produced in Hangangbalwonji village, the cleanest highland, is admitted as the best quality nationwide, and is being under application for the Mark of environment friendly agricu...
The principal products of Hangangqklwonji village are groundsel filled with abundant vitamin and some kind of nourishments. This village’s groundsel is far more abundant in taste and flavor than other...
[Altari radish]
Youngam Dopo Gardening Village possesses clear elvan water flowing from National Park Wolchul mountain and the soil of Youngsan River reclaimed land that has favorable qualities.
The groundsel produced in Shimgok Yakcheon is delivered into market earlier than any other groundsel nationwide. Please feel the flavor of warm spring through the groundsel of Shimgok Yakcheon sta...
Asparagus grows up to 1.5m. Some roots are long like rope and some roots are short circular cylinder with sharp each ends. Young stems grow to have branches. Leaf-like branches are thin and pine leaf-...
[Hanam_onion, Crops, Processed Products ETC]
Onion is a main income source and is a principal product in this village. Especially, the onion, mainly mid, late ripening species, used for onion juice is being coproduced in the village. The proper ...
[Yang-San carrots]
Also called red radish, it is almost 1m long and grows straight. It is firm, and has straight shape that gradually gets smaller towards the end. It is bright orange with little side branch and small...
[Kohlrabi ]
Kohlrabi is also called turnip cabbage or bulb cabbage. Kohlrabi is its English name which comes from Kohl (cabbage) and rabic (turnip) of German.
Turnip originated from Europe and was transmitted to Korea through China. It has been cultivated for over 2000 years, but it still preserves its primitive form.
[Gastrodia elata]
How to have Gastrodia elata Gastrodia elata has been certified as an edible plant by KFDA (September 1, 2000) and is good for anyone to enjoy with no adverse effect.
[Nappa Cabbage]
Haenam has a warm oceanic climate and is the only place in Korea that grows Nappa cabbages in winter. Haenam grows uncontaminated Nappa cabbages in its quality soil and preserves them fresh and unfro...
[Naju dropwort]
Naju dropwort is cultivated in the sandy soil by Yeongsan River, using clean groundwater. Many urban consumers ask for Naju dropwort because it is more flavorful and better in quality as it is grown ...
[Salted Nappa Cabbage ]
Salted Nappa Cabbage Goisan’s salted Nappa cabbage is Nappa cabbage produced in Goisan and cleaned with Goisan’s pure groundwater. As it is salted to perfection, consumers only need to season it as...
[Sindoan ]
Sindoan can be used on products and packages of vegetable wraps, colorful bell peppers, lettuce, horticulture, strawberries, honey, tomatoes, river snail, soybean paste, taffy, and processed beverages...
[Angelica gigas]
In Chinese, Angelica gigas is called Danggui, meaning one will definitely come back.
[Milk Vetch Root]
Milk vetch root is one of the most popular medicinal herbs, along with ginseng.
[Thorny Ash Shoots]
[Nappa Cabbage]
Haenam has a warm oceanic climate and is the only place in Korea that grows Nappa cabbages in winter. Haenam grows uncontaminated Nappa cabbages in its quality soil and preserves them fresh and unfro...
[Korean Lettuce]
Korean Lettuce is Godeulppaegi Village’s biggest source of income as well as a major specialty. It is called Sseunnamul or Ssinnamul. North Korea calls it Jondume Godeulppaegi or Jom Godeulppaegi. ...
Naju dropwort is cultivated in the sandy soil by Yeongsan River, using clean groundwater. Many urban consumers ask for Naju dropwort because it is more flavorful and better in quality as it is grown ...
[Institutional Vegetables]
The City of Yangju is located in the metropolitan area and institutional vegetables have been developed here since long ago. Mengol Village produces fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, hot peppers, l...
[Potato, Soybean, Aralia Shoots]
Thirty-six farm households in the Potato Cultivation Team produce and sell 15 tons of certified quality spring potatoes to Haitai Foods by contract.
Paprika is an annual plant of the Annuum Species, Capsicum Division, and Solanaceae Family.
As a pollution-free produce, Squash has several benefits: it is relatively easy to grow, its strength against drought and diseases requires minimal pesticides, and can be used to make various condimen...
[Cirsium japonicum var. ussuriense]
Thistle’s scientific name is Cirsium japonicum var. ussuriense. We use its roots, leaves, and stems as medicine.
[Highland Napa Cabbage]
SkyLand Village’s Napa cabbage is abundant in vitamins, minerals, and fiber and is the major ingredient of Kimchi, the must-have on Korean dining tables.
[Hericium erinaceum Vegetable Worm]
In Korea, it is called roe butt mushroom because it resembles the hair on a roe’s butt.
[Mustard Leaf Leaf Beet Crown Daisy Bok Choy Chicory]
Characterized by stingy hot flavor and scent, mustard leaf is often used to make wraps, salads, and Kimchi. Its strong flavor eliminates the odor of meat and fish.
[Kale Angelica keiskei]
Vegetables grown in Surokgol Village are environmentally-friendly organic produce and contain the love and care of our farmers. Organic-grown produce does not add chemical fertilizers or additives a...
[Codonopsis lancerolata]
Codonopsis lancerolata has been well-known for its unique flavors and outstanding efficacies as a traditional farm produce.
[Chinese Bellflower]
Chinese bellflower is a perennial plant of the bellflower family and comes in various kinds. Cleaned and dried bellflower root is called Baekgilgyeong in Korea.
The history of paprika is related to the history of capsicum peppers. In Peru, the trails of various pepper plants were found in old historical ruins that are over 2000 years old.
[Mountain Greens]
Mountain greens are edible perennials that grow in the mountains. We eat about 200 different kinds of leaf, stem, sprout, fruit, root, and mushroom from the mountains.
Soybean has been used in various ways as a source of protein. Often called the 'beef from the fields,' soybean is very high in protein.
[Mountain Berries ]
Mountain berries contains about 50 times more calcium than grape.
[Oyster Mushroom ]
Most types of mushroom are composed of 90% water and 10% of protein (2∼3%), fat, sugar, and minerals.
[Cudrania tricuspidata]
Cudrania tricuspidata is a leaf-shedding arbor or shrub in the mulberry family. It has various other names in Korea and China.
[Fernbrake ]
Natural fernbrake grows in every valley of Mt. Songnim. Grown in the wild with an appropriate climate and environment, Gosari Village’s fernbrake has thick stems and strong flavors.
[eoryang Organic Farming]
Eoryang Village distinguishes their specialties through various and unique cultivation processes. They produce great amount of various products including strawberries, melons, lettuces, watermelons a...
[eoryang Organic Farming]
Eoryang Village distinguishes their specialties through various and unique cultivation processes. They produce great amount of various products including strawberries, melons, lettuces, watermelons a...
[the sap of Painted maple]
A Painted maple is a latifolious tree of the maple tree family growing at the altitude of 500 ~1000 meters and Painted maples are naturally distributed in Korea, Japan, Manchuria, the U.S. and Canada.
[Introduction of silk riverside bell tomatoes]
Sedo bell tomatoes are small size of one-bite, whose peel is thin, the sugar content is high, and the taste is very excellent, which has anticancer effect with containing lycopene. It has fresh taste ...
[Sanyang Samcheok King Garlic]
Samcheok King Garlic from Samcheok is geographically grown in oceanic climate and in lime. It is very firm to be highly storable and juicy and easy to peel and has unique taste and flavor.
Cultivated in a broad reclaimed mountainous yellow earth, they are smooth and full for high quality and are effective for digestion and absorption in our body and for preventing adult diseases.
[Grape Tomatoes]
Cultivated in reddish yellow earth with the clear groundwater of Mt. Wolchul and organic fertilizers, our grape tomatoes are highly sweet and bright in color.
[Hadomun Vegetable Wraps]
What are Vegetable Wraps? Vegetable wraps are vegetables that can wrap other foods.
Balsam Pear Balsam pear is vine gourd plant that grows in torpical area. Balsam pear are also called Yeoja or Yeoji in Korean and because it tastes bitter Chinese call them Kokwa and Japanese call t...
[Dried persimmons, Strawberries, Ginseng]
1. Dried Persimmon: Yangchon and Limhwa valley is famous for the god blessed nature condition which is proper to produce the dried persimmon.
The utmost product of aspiration of sky, energy of soil, and sincerity of human – Geumsan Ginseng
A perennial pteridophyte of fernbrake family. It grows in the sunny areas of mountain or plain, its stem is about 1m long. The leaf comes out with the spreading of thick underground stem
[Daap Green Tea]
Daap Green Tea which is also produced in Maehwa Village, as it is produced in the edge valley of Mt. Baekun and unpolluted Seomjin river, the area has precipitation and a half-shady spot which has low...
[Vegetable Wraps]
In Duyeo Village, there is a young couple who dreamed of becoming farmers since childhood and is currently dedicated to realizing advanced environmentally-friendly farming. They are devoted to cultiv...
[Curcuma aromatica]
Curcuma aromatica is a Zingiberaceae perennial that has thick root stems underground and wheel-like joints and is 3∼4㎝ in diameter.
[Winter Nappa Cabbages]
Jindo is influenced by oceanic climates and has warm winters and cool summer and is the best place to cultivate outdoor vegetables.
[Gastrodia elata]
* Gastrodia elata Gastrodia elata that grows in deep mountains by valleys is an Orchidaceae perennial that grows off of mulberry trees. It is a very rare Eastern medicine herb that naturally grows a...
[mushroom farming/mountain vegetables]
Name of the specialty: Fatsia tree Boasting: Fatsia’s shoots taste bitter and are used in cooking to stimulate people’s appetite without poison.
[Happy 700's Forest Products]
Natural forest products cultivated in the mountainous highlands higher than 700m above sea level… Their quality is absolutely unmatched.
[Mul Tong Gol vegetable]
Gurim lettuce produced in the clean waters on the highlands. It is the major production of Multonggol Village and its freshness and taste are superior to that of other lettuces.
[Gokgang Organic Spinach]
Produced in total organic method in pollution-free sand field without any chemical or artificial fertilizers, they have reddish and sweet roots and sweet taste and are fresh and well-preserved.
[Andongpo vegetables]
Sindeok squashes have light-green flesh and rounded shape. They are high-quality with firmness, storability and acceptability. Cultivated in the heavenly natural condition with high diurnal differen...
[Taegeuk Squash/Shiitake]
- Declaration to high-quality squash, “Taegeuk Squash” 1. They are produced in Yacheon with good mountains and waters of Sobaek Mountains and loving heart of the farmers. 2. They are customized squ...
[Aralia ShootsWith]
With their unique scent, they are enjoyed as a kind of mountain greens. They are classified into Aralia cordata Thunb and Aralia elata. Aralia cordata Thunb are dug in Apr ~ May as new sprouts and A...
[Magpie Village's vegetables]
There are ultramodern institutional vinyl-house facilities in Magpie Village to produce pollution-free institutional vegetables throughout the year. Magpie Village especially pays much intention to pr...
[Jinwi Vegetables]
Pyeongtaek Greens Village is a major vegetables-producing complex that initiates environmentally-friendly developed agriculture. In particular, it is the main producer of Jinwi squash taking 8% of th...
[Codonopsis Lancerolata]
Treasured as the best of best mountain greens, Codonopsis lancerolata is mainly used for grilling, steaming, salting and seasoning. They are not only valuable as healthy food, but also called fourth ...
Maisan Village of Jeonbuk is located in a clean highland and its productions of peppers, sweet potatoes and fernbrakes are clean and contain abundant nutrition factors among the pure waters and warm s...
[Chilgapsan gapa village's Shiitake]
The nutritional values and efficacies of Shiitake, one of best healthy food, have only been studied for the last 20 years. It is proven to be great for adult diseases, cancer cells, high blood pressu...
[Jecheon WoRakSanYakCho]
Codonopsis Lancerolata is dicotyledoneae plant of Campanulaceae family. It is known to treat edema caused by lack of blood, fatigue or high blood pressure along with lung abscess, malignant tumor and...
[Yeongjeon Village’s yellow earth potatoes]
Yeongjeon Village’s yellow earth potatoes are cultivated in organic yellow earth fields, so they are large in sizes and bright in colors for great tastes.
Mother Village is a traditional farm village that has a large-scale institutional horticulture complex formed by the members of Geumgu Farming Association Inc. Also, as there is the factory of Kim Je...
[Artemisia /Chicory/Araliaceous Root Barks ]
They are perennial plants of Compositae Family. They are called four-season artemisia as their stem lives through the winter although their leaves die. They are only used for medical purposes in Eas...
Molokia is a kind of vegetable in the family of seesaw of very high nutrition being produced in the Mediterranean centering Egypt. In Egypt, a King was seriously ill and a doctor made soup with this g...
[Edible Burdock]
Edible burdock contains a substance that stimulates kidney functions, so it has been used as a diuretic. Arginine contained in edible burdock stimulates
Gangwha turnips with the taste of ginseng-Chinese cabbage written in Turnip has been raised back from the age of the Three States, and though it is written that it was raised as an element of Gimchi...
[Chubu Sesame leaf]
It is a safe agricultural product which is recommended by Chungnam governot and authorized by national agricultural products inspection. In 1996 20 articles were selected by recommend products . Exper...
The Nazarene Sisters of the Kwansang Convent (Nazareth Farm) located in Taesaeng-ri, Daeso-myeon introduced organic farming to cultivate Shinseoncho. 90 tons of Shinnipcho are produced annually to dra...
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