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Institutional Vegetables

The City of Yangju is located in the metropolitan area and institutional vegetables have been developed here since long ago. Mengol Village produces fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, hot peppers, lettuces, and crown daisy, throughout the year.


Tomato is an annual of the eggplant family and is sometimes called annual persimmon.  Tomatoes originated from the western highlands in South America.  They grow up to about 1m in height with many stems covered with soft white hair.  Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamins C, B1, and B2.  Adding sugar to them might make them tastier but will destroy a lot of its beneficial nutrients.



Hot Peppers

Hot peppers are another vegetable in the eggplant family.  In Korea, it is one of the two most important sources of seasoning along with garlic.  The hot taste of peppers come from capsaicin (C8H7ON) and the redness mostly comes from capsanthin.  Hot peppers contain 20 times more vitamin C than apples and 2-3 times more than mandarin oranges.  Its vitamin C contents are not easily oxidized thanks to capsaicin and not much of its vitamin C is lost during cooking compared to other vegetables.  


Lettuce and Crown Daisy

Lettuce is mostly used to make salads and wraps.  Lettuce is full of vitamins and minerals and contains Lactucerin and Lactucin.  Because Lactucerin and Lactucin kill pain and slightly hypnotize people, it is thought that eating a lot of lettuce can make you feel drowsy.  Crown daisy is an annual in the Compositae family of Campanulaceae group.  It grows up to 1.5m in height.  Originated from the Mediterranean, it is widely used as a type of vegetable.  It evenly contains various nutrients, except for vitamin D, and has a strong flavor that stimulates your appetite.
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