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Potato, Soybean, Aralia Shoots
Thirty-six farm households in the Potato Cultivation Team produce and sell 15 tons of certified quality spring potatoes to Haitai Foods by contract.
Our Cultivation Team jointly cultivates autumn potatoes with an environmentally-friendly method in 10ha of land in order to provide good, reliable foods to consumers.We use double-cycle farming for potatoes and produce over 200 tons a year.
Distributed in mid July and mid October.

Cheongjeong Sinheung Village’s soil is most suitable for soybean cultivation.  
Professor Choi, Jong Mun of Hanzhong University Department of Environmental Engineering and his team analyzed Sinheung’s soil and proved that it is most ideal for soybean cultivation. Distributed between September and October.

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Special product
Potato, Soybean, Aralia Shoots
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Aralia Shoots
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