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Kale Angelica keiskei

 Vegetables grown in Surokgol Village are environmentally-friendly organic produce and contain the love and care of our farmers.  Organic-grown produce does not add chemical fertilizers or additives and thus may not look as pretty as others or may taste slightly different.  However, what is safe for insects is safe for people too.

 * Kale
Kale is classified into curvy kale, wrap kale, and white and pink flower kale. What we usually eat in Korea is wrap kale called collard.
Kale contains more vitamin C, carotene, and protein compared to other vegetables and is good for wrapping and juicing.
 Kale contains three times as much calcium as milk and its chlorophyll generates red blood cells.


* Angelica keiskei
It is also called Myeongilyeop or Sinripcho because if you pick a leaf, a new leaf comes out the next dayThe leaf is thick yet tender and has a shiny dark green color.  Young sprouts can be juiced or seasoned as salad.  Use it to wrap other foods or boil and season it as condiment. Often called the Herb of Miracle, Angelica keiskei contains lots of vitamin A, B1, B2~B12, C, and D, chlorophyll, and germanium.

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