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Chubu Sesame leaf Village
Chubu Sesame leaf

Feature of Chubu Sesame leaf
- It is a safe agricultural product which is
recommended by Chungnam governor and 
authorized by national agricultural products
In 1996 20 articles were selected by recommend products . Experts in each area did an on-the-spot inspection and verification thoroughly They were approved best agricultural product which can  represent the village and one of them was Chubu Sesame leaf.

- It has thicker leaves, more vivid color and more unique scent than produced in any other
placed so that it is popular among consumers. 
on the Paichai University treatise, "Feature of Chubu Sesame leaf and searching physiological functions" It is recognized that it has more traditional strong scent than others places' sesame leaf , less the bitter , little sweet and less the puckery. And it has 13 fragment ingredients which are 2 hexanoil furan, 2 asetill furan, 2- hexanal, 3-hexanal, bendz aldehyde, lynmaool, beta-cariofinen, alpha-finesen, ugenol, alpha-cadinol and so on.

It is produced in fine air and water conditional area.
Geumsan is mountainous and highest mountain in Chungcheongnam-do, Seodae is located in Geumsan. Average of the absolute altitude in Chungcheongnam-do is around 100m but Geumsan Koon's the absolute altitude is 250m. it was the reason it was called the Alps. And moreover sesame is cultivated near the Seodae Mt(904m) in pure natural condition so that it is suitable environment climactically. 

- Farmers cultivate superior crops based on 10 years experience.
Kim Si Soo's (58) cultivating sesame leaf was brought in the very first in 1986, now 12 cultivating groups are operated and produce superior crops and cultivate sesame leaf constantly through spreading cultivation technique and systematical farming education. Now cultivating farm houses are 514 and cultivating area is 47ha. They are proofs that Chubu Sesame leaf is believable.

- Recall system which is producers hold responsible is operated first in Korea.
If consumers have complain, cultivating groups check producer and quality of products. If products confirmed are inferior, products are withdrawn and consumers can be given new one. Chubu cultivating groups hold responsible for all products through managing producers.

- Consumers can believe brand due to registration.
Like below brand registration, Geumsan Chubu sesame leaf has brand registration so that it is believable.

- It has superior transportation capacity and conservation capacity than other crops produced
in any other province.
After harvesting, crops are inspected and packed to supply fresh products to consumers, so it is possible to delivery fresh and high quality sesame leaf to consumers.

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