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Happy 700's Forest Products

- Tricholoma Matsutake Mushrooms
Natural mushrooms grown with the spirits of pine trees are free of poison and have great scent, so they have been known as the best of mushrooms.  The qualities of mushrooms collected in Gyebang, Odae, Gariwang and Baejeok Mountains of clean Pyeongchang are absolutely great.  

- Shiitake
We cultivate Shiitake in the mountainous highlands higher than 700m above sea level to supply almost-natural shiitake throughout the year.   

- Fernbrake
Fernbrake is one of most popular mountain greens of Korea.  Fernbrake grows widely throughout the wild mountains of Korea.  Fernbrake are known to sprout first on burned lands.  Fernbrake collected in Gyebang Mountains prides best quality in Korea.  Their stems are so strong and thick and have too great scent that they are sometimes suspected to be imported.  Fernbrake enhance metabolism and discharge waste materials in human body.  They are also great for temporary fever and promote fluent urination.  

- Mistletoe
Immune-enhancing substances are roughly classified into lectin and polysaccharide.  Mistletoes are one of major sources of lectine and also contain polysaccharide.  They are also known to neutralize toxic spirits of human body.  According to Eastern Medicine Thesaurus, mistletoes “have moderate characters, bitter and sweet tastes and no toxins.  They strengthen tendons, bones, blood vessels and skin and grow beards and eyebrows.  They stop melena during pregnancy, comfort the contained babies and treat afterbirth diseases and complications.”

- Wild Ginseng
Wild ginseng improves the body constitutions to strengthen the resistance and natural healing powers of the bodies.  When taken as medicine regularly, it slowly improves the body constitution and circulates the energy to improve the vitality.

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