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Taegeuk Squash/Shiitake
Taegeuk Squash/Shiitake  

 - Declaration to high-quality squash, “Taegeuk Squash”
1. They are produced in Yacheon with good mountains and waters of Sobaek Mountains and loving heart of the farmers.
2. They are customized squashes with certain sizes and lengths.
3. They are protected from chemicals as they are covered by culturing caps.
4. There is a clear Taegeuk pattern on the surface.
5. They can be stored for a long time as they have high sugar content and firm flesh.
6. They maintain the unique taste and fragrance of squashes.
7. We package each of them separately with vinyl bags and align them in a box.
8. We add the devotion of the producers and our love of our products.

- Great Present for Your Mother, “Squashes”
1. The sugar of squashes provides strength in our body.
2. The fat of squashes is good quality unsaturated fat that is good for growing kids.
3. Vitamin A, Carotene and Vitamin C sprinkles nutrition on your skin.
4. Fiber increases the helpful bacteria in the stomach to treat constipation.
There is a Korean proverb saying “peeling the squash seeds.”
It originated from the fact that eating squash seeds develop the brains.
Our village is full of squashes.
That is probably why we have friendliness in our faces and rounded personalities.

- 3-nons: non-pollution / non-chemical / non-artificial fertilizer “Shiitake’
They are naturally produced shiitake that are grown in clean Yecheon Yonggung without cheminals and fertilizers.
Try one, and you will be addicted to the chewy and soft taste.
They are cultivated in the mid-slope of Sobaek Mountain Range.
They are abundant in various nutritional factors such as protein and vitamins and have perfect taste and fragrance.
Also, they are low-fat and high in fiber and vitamins.
They contain natural seasoning substances that enhance the taste of the dishes. Come and try one!


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