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Chilgapsan gapa village's Shiitake

The nutritional values and efficacies of Shiitake, one of best healthy food, have only been studied for the last 20 years. Shiitake contains great amount of calcium and phosphorous among other minerals and iron that generates hemoglobin that transports oxygen in blood. Shiitake is 2nd greatest source of dietary fibers following ear mushrooms to help prevent constipation.

Recently found substance of Eridadedine removes the cholesterol in blood to prevent high blood pressure.


Story of Shiitake

From spring to autumn, they grow in broad-leafed trees such as oak trees, chestnut trees and Carpinus laxiflora. The diameter of the head is 6∼10cm and the surface is reddish-brown covered with dark-brownish fuzzy scales. Sometimes, they get cracked to expose white meat. They are semi-circular at first, but gradually stretch to become flattened. The head is rolled inward and covered with white or reddish-brown peeling when young, but stretch to be separated from the stems.

Those on the stems become incomplete frames with white wrinkles and are attached to the stems in a small grooved. The stem is 3∼6cm×1cm and have white top surface and brownish lower surface. They are fibrously tough and bend to one side according to their attachment to the tree. The spores are colorless and pointed oval-type. Their patterns are white. They are artificially produced by the distribution of lumber. In Korea, Japan and China, they recognize fresh or shiitake as the best of all mushrooms. They are distributed in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.



  • Cheongyang Chilgapsan Gapa Village Management Committee
  • - Contact Person: Gwang-Bin Lim

    - Contact: 82-10-3073-4414

  • Cheongyang District Office
  • - Office: local administration, No Information and stocks.

    - Contact: 82-41-940-2300

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